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If you haven't already noticed, DC just wide released two Comic Con trailers to the general public. Along with these trailers came theories. Most of these theories were just complete bullshit and I figured that I would just enjoy the trailer and not make theories. But I couldn't help myself.

Jason Todd is obviously died and was resurrected (hopefully by Ra's). This point is proven by this blatantly obvious photo:

As we know from Under the Red Hood and the Red Hood and the Outlaws, Jason Todd holds a grudge against Batman for not killing the Joker. It's pretty obvious this is a letter from Jason Todd to Bruce because who else knows the Batman's address? Plus (and I know this is far fetched) its in red ink.

I also would like to clarify with this photo:

Why would Jason write BATMAN IF HE ALREADY KNOWS BRUCE IS BATMAN. What probably happened was Joker murdered Jason and left his mark on his suit with spray paint.

Anyway, thank you all for reading my fan theory and vote what you believe:


Is my theory valid?


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