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Rhiannon Hastings
...ed, they just had to find someone new to direct it and film it in the new york area. Known this since June. The new movie is going to follow the book, which the original 1980's tv movie didn't that much. The new film? More gore and blood like the book. The book is f**king twisted and super scary! It did things to kids that they couldn't put on a tv, this is why it has to be a feature length film and an "R" rated stamp. The tv version would get a PG-13 stamp today. Here's the background of who Pennywise is in the novel: "It's 27-year sleep cycle sees It's waking periods mark the greatest instances of violence, such as the disappearance of over three hundred settlers from Derry Township in 1740–43. In 1957, It awoke during a great storm which flooded part of the city, whereupon It went on a feeding spree, starting by murdering George Denbrough. However, the Losers' Club forced It to return to an early hibernation when heavily wounded by the young Bill Denbrough in the first Ritual of Chüd."

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