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Ant-Man, everyone assumed he would be the most insignificant superhero to be hitting the big-screens, but they were wrong. The Ant-Man movie was spectacular!! It truly was a Tale to Astonish! And I know that the movie just came out, but there was so much more that I wanted to see. So, even though the MARVEL cinematic universe is ever-expanding and big enough already, we need a more expanded Ant-Man cinematic world.

So, without further delays or interruptions or coffee breaks, here are the three Ant-Man based movies that should exist to expand this universe within the MARVEL universe.

1. Ant-Man: The REAL First Avenger

The man's got class!
The man's got class!

I know, I know! Captain America was the First Avenger, but was he? He fought in WWII right? Well, so did Hank Pym as the Ant-Man!

We don't know for sure if Cap or Pym started fighting in the war as a superhero first. All we know is that they both kicked some Hydra Nazi butt. I don't know about you, but that would be an awesome prequel movie to see!!

We didn't really get to see the original Ant-Man do much fighting in the movie that was just released and I think it would be great to see the mentor of the current Ant-Man, Scott Lang, to do some crime-fighting of his own as a top-secret mini-soldier! Plus, it would be a great way to have him cross-over with the WWII Captain America and maybe they could somehow put together some weird version of the Invaders.

2. Mission Almost Impossible

Scott Lang.
Scott Lang.

This idea for an Ant-Man film is yet another prequel. This movie would explore in depth Scott Lang's criminal life. We get a glimpse of his burglary skills in the Ant-Man movie, but I don't think we've yet seen the full scope of those skills.

I think it'd be great to see exactly what Scott Lang is capable of. Perhaps bringing a villain such as Kingpin that Lang would have to get past in the most intricate heist ever put together!

In this movie, the audience would get the ultimate Mission Impossible-like film with a great MARVEL taste to it. It would be chalk-full of references to other MARVEL characters and of course dozens and dozens of Easter-eggs.

3. The Young Avengers

Scott Lang's daughter, Cassie!
Scott Lang's daughter, Cassie!

This movie, unlike the two others above, would not be a prequel. This movie would be about the current Ant-Man's daughter, Cassie, and her new team, once she's grown up a bit of course!

You might be thinking that I'm crazy right now. Why would they make a movie about Cassie? What material would they have? And what team is she on? Well, in the comics, she is a superhero. In her teens she joins the superhero group know as the Young Avengers. The team basically consists of a bunch of teenagers. Each acting as a sort of replacement for the most prominent of the regular Avengers. She replaces Ant-Man, or more appropriately Giant-Man (that's what Ant-Man calls himself once he reverses the shrinking effect and grows into a super-strong giant) Cassie has the same ability to grow to enormous sizes. She gave herself the name Stature and then fought crime just as her father did.

It would be amazing if MARVEL put together the Young Avengers! They already have a few young people introduced in their cinematic universe that could fill some of the other roles, and now they have Stature introduced! Plus, MARVEL's actors aren't getting any younger. Sooner or later they won't be able to play these roles anymore, and MARVEL will either have to quit making movies or bring in a new generation of superheroes. I think the Young Avengers would be a perfect way to do this!

Well, those are my ideas for some new movies branching out from Ant-Man! Do agree that these would be awesome films to see? I hope you do. Thanks for reading!! :)


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