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/ But allow me to directly respond to your number of questions. 1. Vincent did NOT dig up someone. He dug up his mothers rose garden, as the original short film presents, believing it to be the grave of his fictional wife. How can you bring someone to life who doesn't exist? You can't. So, he does the only possible thing. BUILD HER. So... you get Sally. Of course, she couldn't survive long, and eventually dies, residing in Halloween Town. Perhaps Dr. Finkelstein's remark "You're MINE, you know?! I MADE YOU.. with my own hands." refers to him FINDING Sally when she first arrived. Having been in the same condition that Vincent made her, she needed obvious repairs. Dr. Finkelstein virtually DID make her, with the amount of rebuilding she required to be functional. 2. The changing thickness, though, yes, I did not explain that specifically in my original post, is explained simply by this.. Abercrombie was a young pup, small and skinny.. As he got older, his head, body, and snout filled out. By the time he was adopted by Victor, Abercrombie, now named Sparky, had grown into an adult dog, his body larger and more filled out. And the change of his appearance as Zero goes upon the belief that, after death, we live as our purest form. For (now named) Zero, this was when he was middle aged; not a tiny pup, but not an adult dog. 3. You are correct, Scraps was Victor's SECOND dog. Bought by his parents to help him forget about Sparky's death. He is NOT part of the Abercrombie/Sparky/Zero chain in any form. 4. It is very likely he did have psychological trauma as a child, causing him to wet the bed. Which could have lead him toward thinking the idea of bringing his dog back to life was normal. It is also likely because after Sparky dies, Victor has a psychological breakdown and runs away. The events OF Frankeweenie, though traumatic, would not be enough to cause such a breakdown. 5. Family lives and Social Status were extremely vital things in society during the time Frankenweenie takes place. Things that may make a person look bad or that might damage their status, i.e. a child brings a dead animal to life, a child with funky teeth, hunchback and obsessed with weird experiments, depression to the point of complete personality change, or just being weird... were "dealt with" privately. If they could not "set the child straight" so to speak, they would do the only other option. Give the child up. Bob's death is a mystery, perhaps it was old age, or obesity, who knows? But, like the death of Victor's dog Scraps, it is unimportant to the overall picture. As was with Zero, Bob lived out his afterlife as his purest form, a child, free of any high school bullying, or crazy experiments taking over the town. It wasn't JUST depression, it was her overall demeanor. Her appearance, personality and her attitude; toward life as well as family and friends. It all played a part. They couldn't, or wouldn't put up with it. 6. This goes back to the whole Social Status thing. though the whole town might have seen and experienced all of that, once it was all over, NO ONE spoke of it. They thought too highly of themselves to purpetuate dialogue of such nonsense, even if it actually happened. Kim refused to let up. Constantly talking about what happened to Mr. Whiskers, trying to get her parents to talk about it, to help console her and help her deal with the loss. They refused, worrying what would happen to their Social Status if they did. 7. Sparky's nose did not glow, you are correct. BUT, Sparky WAS electrically charged. If you recall, Sparky shocks Edgar 'E' gore's reanimated rat to death. By dying with electrical charge still within him, it would make sense for his electricity to remain present in the afterlife. 8. This claim never was, and NEVER WILL BE, part of my theory. Because it is simply impractical, illogical and there is no substantial evidence or link between them other than shallow appearance. That theory has floated around the internet and been wrongly lumped in with my own theory more than once (as is the case with Channel Frederator's video review of my theory).


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