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...into the fray once more did the wary warrior engage. Shield battled and sword raged. The minion army seething forward whilst clouds waged copious amounts of water on the battle stage.

If there is a heaven above than let it ring aloud for he only sought the power to fight this out. Minion after minion did the summoners summon but crimson after crimson did his blade become. The skulls and the bodies rose so high only the souls that left them could still fly above the mounds of bodies left bleeding. His vision keyed in like a scallop to it's shell. There was no discourse from the rampage only Hell where the souls assuredly were recieved. Mercury red and purple alike. So sought the dead with each and every fight against the beast.

Forsaken was he whom carried carrion in wage. Stiffened were his fists around his mighty blade.

The onslaught of tooth and claw, fireball and arrow shot forth into the night's distant bellow. Crash and clang and rattle and rat. So were the sounds of this man's attack. There were never before eyes that burned such in the night for our hero was bitten by the Devil alike. One was he with his shield and armor. Two or three laid dead beside in his honor.

The Deathbringer they called him and even as this story begins faster than most, to his honor do we all consider the toast. He was from the gallows of Carmichael and his story deserves a telling. If only because your honor his story is quite dispelling. The images shown already of this one's life continue past the day of even his Father's strife.

“Can you count the bodies Mastion?”

“I cannot sir. Perhaps we should eat them and see how full we will get?”

“No, there's no need for that. Let the vultures get them now.”

They turned back towards the trail that led them to Holloton. A cave carved into the side of a mountain that gave save keeping for many a bladed traveller.

Tattered robe and wagon and pots and pans were scattered all throughout the hills and the lands. See it was not so much as an ambush as it was an extinction. Mastion was only second to the completion. The beast known as The Deathbringer sought only redemption. From his framework needless to mention were the first things on his list. This man was a rap sheet, and a myth.

“Hey DB why do you suppose the orcs took to being such spiritual conduits? Why not the blade and shield like us?”


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