ByMiguel Flores, writer at
First i believe Altair should be the first and jump into Ezio and end it at him becoming a Mentor, the brotherhood game. And i really want revelations to happen in a movie, maybe change the politcal plot a bit in that one, i found the one in revelations rather dull compare to its counter parts. The main reason i want that to happen thou, is simply because it holds in my mind, and im sure many others the best moment in the franchise. Ezio meeting, sorta, Altair and Desmond. It shows how all of them matured as people and how they have grown, and it shows why My favorite assassin was trying to pass on to others. That he has done enough and it was time for someone else, Ezio, to carry on the fight. That their lives were nothing compared to everything. Yet that they had been bless to share their stories across time. It was such a beautiful moment. I want to see it happen. I doubt i will, from what ive seen their skipping Altairs plot all together and went straight to Ezio. So, idk. I hope it does well

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