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I am an avid Disney fan and gamer, I've enjoyed all 53 animated classics so far and I'll go on to enjoy another 50. That being said when Disney Infinity was announced I was over the moon thinking this would be a game where all characters from the classics could interact with each other and fight along side each other. Something we've never seen in a disney game before (no Kingdom hearts does not count because the disney characters don't interact with each other) jump forward to 2013 when the game finally releases. It was good. But it was not what I and many others where expecting. The oldest thing in the game was Mickey but he's the mascot so obviously they were gonna put him in. Then wave 2 finally brought us the first disney characters. I was ready to get my game face on with Simba, Hercules and Beast. But all We got were frozen, Wreck it Ralph and tangled. Yes they were awesome but it barley satisfied any classic fans.

Then 2.0 came and while it still wasn't the level of classic we wanted it was a lot better with Aladdin, Jasmine, Tinkerbell, Donald and Stitch. But then they had to add Angelina Jolie dressed up as Maleficent and not the real Maleficent. Ha know the one that's regarded as the greatest disney villain and an icon of the company that would sell extremely well. That being said Disney fans didn't take that decision lightly and bombarded infinity with comments asking for the real Maleficent. But seriously not even a costume change or a variant while spiderman gets one. Bad move guys.

So we're currently at 13 characters from Disney animation studios. And 8 of the 53 movies down. Then JV tweeted this.....

Leaving lots of us believing Disney Infinity 3.0 would be tons better. Then it really wasn't we only got 4 characters from Disney animation making it the worst wave yet. Lots of fans instantly went up in rage over this. Lots of them wanted to just give up. Then a beckon of hope blazed through that was Comic-Con.

16 more spaces in the disney section. But the question remains , how many of those are classics? From some very hard and long thinking and watching I've got the best answer. 4 of them will be TV (Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Ferb), 3 will be Pixar (Wall-e, eve and one from The Good Dinosaur). So that leaves 9 spaces for Disney classics but who will they go to?

Baloo, Cinderella and Aurora were on the survey for 3.0 along with Mulan, Minnie, Olaf and a bunch of Star Wars characters that are now in the game. And since these are princesses who still sell today they wouldn't dare make the live action ones since they are as iconic as they come.

Then Hercules, Peter Pan and Robbin hood are highly requested.

And now that Just leaves 3 left for Belle,Beast and pocahontas. As shown in this concept art. Especially pocahontas's.

And now 3.0 will have ended its cycle hmmmmmmm I wonder with all this what 4.0 will be.

Note-Hercules has also been put into 4.0 because his popularity could take him either way


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