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do you realize the point, in why DC WILL BE BETTER THAN MARVEL? ITS BECAUSE ITS DARK. ITS BECAUSE THERE making the NEW DC MOVIE UNIERVISE LIKE CHRISTOPHER NOLANS TRILOGY. NOLAN is working with them!! Its going to be dark knight but 10X more awesome. So let me explain that clearer for ya...because its more dark...(and the writer tried to spell it out for you but you missed is terranova..) that there is MORE character development. ITs not just stupid joke after stupid one liner joke...its drama...action...character angst and anger and depression and love and just..development and drama, i dont know how to explain it to you. Marvels movies are for kids! there silly, ridickous..they just joke around and laugh...(EVEN DURING BATTLES WHERE PEOPLE COULD AND ARE DYING)!!!! THE DC movies will be for ADULT FANS>....death, destruction...MORE AWESOME POWERS...and THROWN IN THERE, actaul adult drama and CONFLICT. HE EVEN SAID " DCs movies will BE A MOVIE ABOUT SUPERHEROES...NOT A SUPERHERO MOVIE> IF You cant understand what he meant by that...please dont comment on a subject you know nothing about. DC WILL OWN MARVEL for these 2 reasons and many others. another ONE BEING....are you ready? MARVEL IS DISNEY! DISNEY FOLKS! they just throw jokes and action and call it a superhero movie to MAKE MONEY!! THATS IT ! THATS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT.. its a cash machine...THE DC MOVIES WILL ACTUALLY BE ART.....ART!!!!!!!!! and THAT is why..marvel will never be DC>

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