ByJonathan Byrd, writer at
...atched the dark knight...if you saw the SUICIDE SQUAD trailer...if you saw the orginal batmans with micheal keaton (when they had no CG or technology mind you younging..IF YOU SAW BATMAN VS SUPERMAN (Which looks epic as shit!!!!!!) and you still make this stupid comment and think your still right........then somethings literally mentally wrong with you. If you think a dark, gritty, more carnage for adults and adult humor styled epic superhero movie is worse than a stupid ant man silly disney are dead wrong man...dead wrong. that is just DUMB!!! Ant man? did you see the movie?? did u see the trailer??? STUPID! put the trailor of batman vs superman and Ant man together and then tell me which one has a future and which one is more epic.just answer that..which movie looks more epic...if you literally do that the answer is obvious and if you say ant man...then we all know your a troll...cuz anyone putting those trailers side by side, even if they hate DC...will have to fukin say that batman VS superman is A GAME CHANGER>

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