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Unless you've been (and still are) living under a rock, you've seen the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer, and unless you're from planet Zog, you've loved it. But whether you liked it or not, the trailer has raised a lot of questions, and here are the(possible) answers to some of the most puzzling ones.

1. Who are the Supersoldiers?

We saw them in the teaser,and we saw them again in the trailer,but we don't know who they are or what they do. It has been speculated that the scene(s) involving these armed men is merely a dream(nightmare?) sequence where Bruce Wayne is dreaming about Supes taking over the world with this Super Army,and decides to take them on at their own HQ. It's feasible,given that Batman seems to be twisting the neck of one of these soldiers,which possibly breaks the One Rule. But I don't think the director would have released the photo exclusively of the 'desert suit' if it's going be so inconsequential in the film. Now we've heard(and seen) that Superman has become controversial,and the mayor of Gotham has requested Batman to deal with him. This is strikingly similar to what happens in The Dark Knight Returns,except that it's The President who does the requesting,and it is Batman who is seen as a menace. It's safe,then, to assume that these soldiers are the juxtaposition to The Sons Of Batman,who were a group of crazy street thugs that called themselves The Mutants,before swearing allegiance to Batman after he defeated their leader. Perhaps this explains why Superman is not all that comfortable around them.

2. Why is Superman kneeling before Lex Luthor?

We get a shot of Superman kneeling before Lex Luthor ,who kinda lightly runs his hand over Superman's face. Though it is thought to be Kryptonite that's empowering Luthor, I believe it's something else. Superman has a look of disgust on his face in a "I hate you for doing this" kind of way. I don't think he would have that kinda look if he was beaten brawn-wise. Knowing how much of an I'm-greater-than-Superman complex he has,it's a safe bet that Luthor commanded Superman to kneel before him. It could be Luthor's influence in and on the committee that obliges Superman.(You know,something along the lines of kneel-before-me-and-I-will-call-off-the-wolves, kind of thing,like that Xerxes guy's offer 300).

3. Was Superman trying to kill Batman?

Towards the end of the trailer,we see Batman striking an iconic pose before grappling away from Superman's heat vision. Now some have speculated its not Supes who unleashed it but Doomsday or Braniac,but I'm pretty sure it's him. However,I don't think it was intended to hit Batman,because firstly,Superman's not gonna kill a human,because--well--because he's Superman. Secondly, he seems to be flying in from a distance,so the only sensible thing I can make out of it was that he either just arrived there-perhaps just in time to save Batman's neck(no pun)-or he came back after being punched away by a certain 'threat to mankind'--Doomsday perhaps?? Anyway,he retaliates with his heat vision,and somehow misses...and poor Bats is in the way. It is safe to assume that this is the climatic battle where WW joins them,because Batman is not wearing the Mechsuit. This scene seems to links to the one in the first trailer where he emerges from rubble,which in turn,seems to have a connection to the first image we got of Wonder Woman(the background in said picture looks similar to the background of said Batman shot in the teaser). Putting three and three together,we get a climatic battle where The Trinity is fighting against some villain.

4. Will Robin be dead in the DCEU?

Hahaha. Just Kidding. We all know the answer to that....

4. Who is Alfred talking to?

It has been assumed(only too naturally I might add) that it is Bruce Wayne,or perhaps Superman, that Alfred says his now-famous line to,but I think it might be the new Robin he's talking to. In The Dark Knight Returns,an injured Batman is brought home(yes,into the Batcave)by a 13-year-old girl named Carrie Kelley after she helps him fend off thugs on the streets. She then has a little chat with Alfred and Bruce,and then eventually becomes the next Robin. It's possible there's a similar scene in this movie,where she asks Alfred why Batman has turned so violent and angry. And in reply, Alfred might explain to her about how Batman couldn't save Robin,and how that "feeling of helplessness" turned a good man cruel. Of course it's possible that he's telling Batman one of his stories and concludes it with this line,but then again.... There have been rumors about Jena Malone playing Robin,and though she's like thirty years old,I don't see why she can't play a teenager as well as Andrew Garfield did. Plus she does look kinda like a kid,so...

5.Who wrote that?

The "YOU LET YOUR FAMILY DIE" line got everyone talking and all fingers seemed to point to The Joker. If they are pointing right, would that mean that The Joker knows the identity of Batman,or at least his address. However,it might also be possible that Jason Todd/Red Hood had written it,although why he would write it on a cutout with the headlines "WAYNE TOWER DEVASTATED DOZENS KILLED",as opposed to writing it on the back of a photo of himself,or a newspaper headline announcing his death,is an open question. The person who wrote it seems to want to try and enrage Bruce Wayne against Superman. There's no one who'll benefit more from that than Lex Luthor. This however,would mean that either Lex has learned what Bruce is upto after nightfall(again,no pun),or needs his assistance in bringing down Superman--perhaps in synthesizing Kryptonite,or analyzing Zod's body--having being denied the same by Bruce. The problem with this answer is that both those scenarios seem unfeasible.

Well,there you have it. What I think MIGHT be the answers to few of the most important questions raised by the trailer and the teaser. What do you think? Any other questions you would like to add? Any answers you may have?


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