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Batman#selfie  by Mohit Suneja.#selfie by Mohit Suneja." title="Batman by Mohit Suneja.">
Batman by Mohit Suneja.


One can't help but observe so many characters on a daily basis. Out of many, one thing I always find particularly funny is to observe those guys working on their "washboard abs" at the gym. Once they finish their crunches, they always do funny things to make sure their 6 pack abs are 'selfie perfect' and never clubbed with the their horrendous history of family pack tummy.

"Bro! See my abs!"

One of such said folks goes to my gym. Everyday he takes his staple selfie which is by no means casual, but more of an endless desperate effort to flaunt his post cardio abs which in fact look like a road map of any well planned city with one main road running vertically creating 3 sectors on both sides.

One day as he continued with his usual self obsessed monologue, I smiled at him and gave in to his solo theatrical drama. I noticed he was posing differently in every nano second for his camera, and was wearing a T-shirt with Batman's famous black and yellow symbol printed on it.

Detail  @ Batman#selfie#selfie" title="Detail @ Batman">
Detail @ Batman

Before leaving the gym he turned up to me, counted his abs with his fingertips and while rolling up the T-shirt to his chin and said smugly,

"Real abs man! Even batman doesn't have abs this hard, its all his black sculpted suit and special effects I am telling you that!'

I laughed out loud and was struck with the idea immediately at how hilarious it would be to show batman taking a selfie himself, pouting and showing off his real abs, giving it back to this guy!

If only Batman could hear our little dialogue, how would it be?

I seriously wondered!

The process. Sketch / Color wip /  Final.
The process. Sketch / Color wip / Final.

I came back home and sketched this pouting batman taking a selfie with his ‘Bat phone’. I tried keeping it close to realism with minimum distortions. Scanned the drawing, colored it with Photoshop Cs 3 custom brushes…and bang !

I hope now no one will ever doubt his fitness behind that awesome bat suit.

Since the response to this batman selfie artwork has been huge from comic fans and dark knight followers around the globe ( I thank them all for their love and support ), Next I am planning to come up with few more superhero selfie’s, let me have your views. Please feel free to share your thoughts & valuable comments with me, thank you :)
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Feel Free to use this as your own DP. Enjoy :)
Feel Free to use this as your own DP. Enjoy :)

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Thank you :)


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