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The newest character brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introduced in a thrilling movie and also a memorable one. Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd), a master at thievery, seems to be the last man you could rely and trust on. But this character develops into a faithful hero with an ability to shrink in size, increase in strength, and communicate with ants to help him when in a difficult situation. Easter Eggs and references are throughout the entire movie, and two surprise ending scenes are definitely to look forward to.

Ant-Man's Suit

The iconic suit that gives Scott Lang abilities, is actually quite an interesting idea. The science behind it exists, but it would take decades of work and research to succeed. Now the greatest part about the suit in the film, is that you, as a viewer, get to see the world from Scott Lang's perspective when it's used to shrink in size. A bathtub or a vacuum might see harmless to us, but when you're as small as an insect, it's a danger zone. This added humor to the film and made you see how hard and intense the life of something that tiny can be.

The Comedic Side

The bros
The bros

Ant-Man was a thrilling movie and action-packed but it also had a humorous turn to it. Scott Lang's lovable friend, Luis (middle of the image above), was agreeably the funniest character throughout the whole film. But the three friends that Scott relied on are a group of comedians. They make the movie hilarious with their interesting and memorable personalities.

Size matters
Size matters

Now if you're a huge Marvel fan or just a person looking for an upcoming movie to see, Ant-Man will not disappoint. It definitely delivers and gives the audience a movie that could become someone's favorite. Marvel Studios worked incredibly hard on this project and you can tell from the effort put into it. It's not some low-budget film that bombs at the box-office, Ant-Man is the real deal. If you don't buy it from this review, see it for yourself and you can be the judge...from a much smaller scale.

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