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As an avid TV viewer and vampire genre fan, I was excited about The Originals, a vampire show centered around family and the bonds that unite them. Finally a show where we get to see a different side of these creatures of the night and instead of seeing them only as brutal bloodthirsty killers we get to see the tender loving side, to not only love interest which is the common vampire trope, but to their own children.

Despite the fantastic concept of the show, from the onset of the series one thing has remained quite jarring and from what I see on social media many others are very aware of it as well. The two leads of the show, Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin's characters, and the two people who share the child the show is centered on; don't talk much, if at all.

This seems quite peculiar. Throughout the course of the series the main character Klaus has been very distant from the mother of his child, Hayley. He also routinely treats her quite cruelly as showcased by cursing her and her entire pack to wolf form 29 days of the month and keeping her from seeing their daughter. Some would say she deserved it, others would argue that Klaus left Hayley no choice, but to flee and attempt to escape with their child. However, in my view the fact of the matter is all of this drama between the two could've been easily preventable if two simply talked.

In the start of the second season of the show many fans were made to believe that Klaus and Hayley would be talking more, as opposed to the first season where the two barely interacted or said a word to the other despite Hayley being pregnant with his child and living in the same home. In the second season, fans had hope that the hybrid duo would work together to protect their daughter Hope from the countless threats that threatened her life, and as Klaus himself promised in the season premiere "Fight a family". However sadly, throughout the course of the season many fans didn't see much interaction between the two besides the few scenes of Hayley asking to help Klaus with potential threats and him rejecting her help or constant pointless bickering between the two over how to protect their daughter.

One would assume that since both of them want what's best for their child they would try to come up with a solution together. If mortal enemies Klaus and Mikael can put their differences aside for a greater cause, why can't Klaus and Hayley?

During the recent San Diego Comic Con, Phoebe Tonkin revealed that due to Klaus's actions, the two can't even be in the same room. She further spilled that Hayley will seek revenge on Klaus and to make him suffer. Michael Narducci, one of the executive producers of the show spoiled that a "violent...reckoning" between the pair would happen early in the new season to come.

In other words, more of the same from the sounds of it. Klaus being abusive and unnecessarily cruel to the mother of his child and Hayley who has finally had enough, plotting revenge. Now of course this makes for good TV drama, but there comes a time when enough is enough.

All of the drama between Klaus and Hayley is reaching the point where its getting very ridiculous, when the solution is so simple. Here are two people who have so much in common and a common goal to protect the person who they both love more than anything in the world, and yet its been nothing but ignoring the other and fighting?

Something doesn't add up.

As fans have seen, Klaus is able to talk to people, he's capable of listening to others views and opinions and thereby rethinking his actions. Yet when it comes to Hayley, Klaus shuns her and blocks her views out completely, when it is their child at stake.

What's preventing Klaus from simply working with the mother of his child and listening to her views on how to protect their daughter?

But a better question is, why aren't Klaus and Hayley talking in general? Klaus as we've seen is a character who is plagued by demons brought about by his abusive childhood and chooses to lash out at the world because of them. He is a man who runs from happiness and love, craves family, yet views it as a weakness and is quite self-destructive and self-sabotages all of his relationships.

Hayley, is a character who has faced many of the same demons Klaus has and yet holds an entirely different outlook on life. She runs towards love, towards family, towards happiness. Like Klaus, she too was abandoned, she too was abused and never had the love of a parent. She too was cast out as a monster and freak for something that was out of her control. These two are the sole hybrids in existence, forever caught between the two warring worlds of being vampire or werewolf.

These are two characters who have so much in common, great chemistry, the ability to fully relate to one another and give differing outlooks on life so as to cause major growth in the other by each offering a different worldview. Despite the aforementioned, sadly the show waste so much potential and character growth on both ends in favor of having the two fight constantly or simply ignore the other. All the while, the shows fans are force fed pointless shipper scenes between other pairings on the show, while the two people who need to talk and interact more never do.

Unfortunately, from spoilers for season 3 it seems fans of the show can expect more of the same between Klaus and Hayley that we have for the past 2 years, which is no interaction at all or violent fighting and bickering.

However even with so much frustration among the fans, they still have hope that one day Klaus and Hayley will put their differences aside and both realize they're more alike than they realize and that the best thing for their daughter is for them to work and fight a family.


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