ByTiena Roye, writer at

In some cases people are saying Jared Leto as the Joker is Disturbing or Creepy. This accusation was built upon the new Jokers look and actions.

They say his tactics in the movie are Known as scary and unusual. The truth is that's just who the joker is that's who hes been since the first joker in 1966. That's who he will always be. Joker fans are on the edge of there seats after seeing the official trailer of Suicide Squad with his outstanding performance of only two sentences.

Also said was that he has scared his co-stars by staying in character on set and off. I don't think that's a scary matter but more as an acting method. Just as Anne Hathaway ate dried oatmeal paste for weeks to look more like her character. There's also Leonardo DiCaprio who didn't break character while his hand was dripping blood and required stitches after breaking a glass table.


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