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of your above bullet points by number: 1) You are completely right. Some methods of moneymaking are a joke in Elite. However, the game is ment to be a sim, so this is just a part of the realism. There are some pretty tedious ways to get cash in real life, thus there must be ways in this game. If you are looking for an arcade space game, this is not for you. It does have a steep learning curve that is hard for some to master 2) This is partially true, many people explore to visit the beautiful places, rendered by Elite's incredible engine. However, exploration is an easy way to make money. People visit these "beautiful objects," map them, sell the maps, and have fun doing it. As I said above, if you are looking for a constant source of action, this game is not for you. 3) Getting from place to place can take time, but that's what encourages you to upgrade your FSD, etc. This is probably your most accurate point, travel can be tedious, but it almost always pays off. 4) This is outright false, and almost makes me wonder if you've played the game. You can earn hundreds of thousands smuggling in the starter ship! In two days of playing, I earned 300,000 credits, and purchased a mid-game ship. 5) What?! I'm not very experienced with the chat (haven't used it a ton), but from what I've heard in videos, it actually distorts your voice for the sake of realism! If that's not cool, I don't know what is! If you are referring to typing chat on console, you have a bit more accuracy. Using the on-screen keyboard sucks, however, that's what "Xbox One Smartglass" is for. If I see a real player out there in the black, I open my app, and type away on my tablet. I can communicate almost as fast as a PC player, and I don't even need a keyboard. 6) The game can be grindy, yes, but that's part of the experience. Grinding for the next ship, the next super weapon. All sims have to be grindy to some degree, or they loose credibility. Summary: This isn't the game for you. Some people don't understand that realism makes or breaks a sim. If you want to play a game that has constant action and easy character upgrades, play another one of my personal favorites, Battlefront. I am slightly biased due to my love of Elite: Dangerous, but these concerns seem invalid when confronted with logic. Best wishes, your pal anonymous.

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