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One of the great things about science fiction is that it can be both an escape from reality and a revelation of how the world really is. James Cameron used Avatar to show what could happen if we end up killing our planet. Star Wars took us away to a strange and beautiful galaxy, far far away from our own. Recently, I looked at Neill Blomkamp's first three movies (District 9, Elysium, Chappie), and I realized each of them are a revelation of humanity. Each of them are showing our fatal flaws.

District 9 - The Fear of The Foreign

District 9 is about a race of aliens that are trapped in the slums of Earth, isolated from the rest of society. But that all changes when a government agent comes in contact with their biotechnology, and slowly becomes one of them.

One of the biggest problems with our society is that we always reject what is different and what we don't understand. The story behind District 9 plays perfectly into a lot situations that many modern countries are facing today. Through this movie, Blomkamp helps us realize that we must learn to accept there are people and things that are different to us. And maybe we can't understand them, but we must learn to accept and embrace them.

Elysium - The Sharp Line Between Poverty and Greed

Now this is an interesting one. Elysium takes place in the future, where the poor and sick are left behind on Earth, while the rich and fortunate get to live in peace on a space station where all diseases and injuries can be cured. When Max is close to death, he takes on a mission to break into the station and end the suffering of the people on Earth.

This is a story of poverty versus wealthy, a battle that has lasted since the beginning of civilization. Some people have no worries in life and take everything for granted just because they were luckily born into the right family, even if they don't really deserve it. Granted, there are those in the upper class that use their power for good purposes by actually giving more opportunities to the less fortunate. But there aren't enough people like that who are willing to give their money for such causes. Elysium shows a vision of a world where there isn't rich or poor. A world where everyone is given what they need.

Chappie - The Denial of Evolution

Now matter how you felt about this movie, it's hard to deny that Chappie comes with an excellent morale. In this movie, the world is patrolled by a mechanical police force. When one of the robots is stolen, he is gifted with a new programming that allows him to think and feel like a real person. As he grows up and learns more about life, powerful people started to hunt for him as they recognize him as a threat to mankind and order.

If there's one thing people all around the world share a fear for, it's change. No one wants the world to change, they just want everything to stay the same as long as they're happy. But sometimes we can forget that change is necessary for life to continue. Change is a natural part of the world, and it's not for us to decide if it should be allowed. Our job is only to accept it and try to evolve with it.


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