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Romance has always been seen as a genre targeted towards women, but i'm here to tell you there isn't a problem with a man watching a movie about two star-crossed lovers for pure enjoyment. And we actually followed this stereotype We're stuck between what we want do and what society wants us to do, even when it comes to movies. But thankfully our generation has grown over the past few years and we're slowly breaking the stereotypes one by one. And if anyone hasn't grown up and is wondering, no, I'm not attracted to the opposite gender. I just don't see why it's wrong for me to enjoy a film about love and the struggles of it. Now that doesn't mean I'm interested in some cheesy teenage movies, So if you are not fond of romance like I once wasn't then try these movies! Psst... I have a confession to make: if I never came across Moviepilot and read articles by amazing creators then I wouldn't have been introduced to them.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is everything you want in a romcom. A funny, yet deeply emotionally romcom that doesn't shove the romance in your face, but instead it builds it up. Gives you time to understand both of these characters troubled lives, but when they find one another you are able to see how their relationship grows and grows but you're probably wondering how this transfers into a comedy? Well, with the witty Tiffany played by Jennifer Lawrence and the priceless Pat played Bradley Cooper you will find yourself crying of laughter while weeping at this masterpiece. Yes, I called it a masterpiece because it was an emotional roller coaster like no other. Invite some friends over for movie night and you have the perfect movie to watch or just watch it alone - it will make you laugh and think outside the box.

Stuck in Love

"First Loves and Second Chances," there's more to it than slogan tells you! Stuck in Love has been just another underrated romance covered with cheesy, cliché romances with scripts that appear to be written by teenagers. Stuck in Love is based on a family of writers who all have different views of love. The family is stuck in cupid's curse. I can talk about how amazing the cast is but I'd rather talk about the story then goes at a speed just right for the audience. I always felt deeply connected to it because we've all been in a situation where we wanted a second chance and I don't think I've ever been in the situation where I was in love, but Stuck in Love is able to show it feels in a way no other movie could. Lily Collins steals the show in a heartbeat. You do feel for the other character, but something about Samantha (played by Lily Collins) just has you stuck in her feelings and we can relate to most of the things she says, and you will probably find her quotes on Tumblr! It speaks for itself.

(500) Days of Summer

A very unexpected and surprising film, mainly because I didn't know why I what I was expecting and I think that made me enjoy it more. I was expecting a romance with jokes between every two seconds that you can find on book called "Who needs a lady when you have these jokes." It presents a love story to you and unexpectedly without knowing you will find yourself invested in Tom (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel). It was original and different, it's a new take on Romance films. The chemistry that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel has was just something else. Even if the movie was another unwatchable film just having these do lovebirds on your screen is any experience itself. If you wanna see a different take on your same old romantic films here you go!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Last but not least, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.The movie is something else from a movie. I've never seen something like it and I can't compare it to other romance films because this is just the king of Romance and yes i've watched the fault in our stars! It captures the beauty of love and both of the lead characters Emma Watson and Logan Lerman are able to do that. It's one of the best coming of age stories and it didn't feel fake for a second. The movie is a picture of a broken heart and Stephen Chbosky shows it to us with an enduring script, a cast with chemistry and since this was a book they did a pretty amazing job. I've read the book and I loved it and when I watched the movie I felt myself saying "I remember that" or "that happened in the book!" Guys, I really can't say more, this for you to decide for yourself because it doesn't need much convincing. If you just press the play button without any second thoughts, then I can assure you will smile, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will cry even more. I think you get the point!


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