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Richard Wittkohl

Superman and its idea have reflected society in every incarnation from the nuclear struggles and cold war to 911. People think ts about a glorified boyscout with too much power for one person to have. He has never been so simple. Clark created Superman because he wanted to protect the world he grew up in, the only home he has known. Although he is reminded every second he doesn't belong through his abilities. Seeing hearing smelling what he can and we can't! He has to treat this world like its brittle glass. Everytime he dones the cape he risks his identity and the lives of the people he cares about because thats his true kryptonite, his real weekness.

In man of steel clark was portayed as a charactor who was raised to hide who he was. Yet again reminded us what else 911 has changed. When he took the life of zod because zack snyder decided superman needed to adapt to our times, something extremely valuable about the charactor was lost. Everything about man of steel was an incredible stunning movie but yet again with the destruction and death of a lot of New York/Metropolis the fear of this version of superman does not inspire the average viewer or world. Every other version of Superman proved himself to the world while revealing his powers with out all the death and destruction.

Dawn of justice is highly anticipated because it will be monumental. I personally am sad that this new dc universe forces its charactors to stray from ideals they have held to for almost a century.

Unfortunately u can say they already have my money for one ticket anyway!

Richard Wittkohl


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