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Have you seen the fantastic trailer for American Ultra? It's too funny to not indulge in, with the laughs hitting you right in the lungs. Looking to be a great time at the theaters, the flick stars Jesse Eisenberg as an unlikely assassin named Mike Howell... who just so happens to be anything but your average slacking stoner.

Now, this author has never tried the stuff, but I can tell you this isn't the first time a lover of "nature's candy" has graced the silver screen. Check out my list of the Top 7 On-screen Stoners to get your head in the right place:

1. James Franco as Saul Silver - Pineapple Express

Before we all learned the phrase, "Hates him because they ain'ts him," James Franco's fried character, Saul Silver, was just a guy with a very dubious business practice. That's selling the happy grass, kids!

2. Cheech & Chong as Themselves in Various Titles

In many ways the innovators of the genre, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, were always happy when 4:20 rolled around. Combined, the pair have released 11 albums and close to a dozen films. Did you know that Cheech and Chong had their own animated feature, even?

3. Jeff Bridges as The Dude - The Big Lebowski

He abides
He abides

With an outright zen perspective on life, The Dude put 'cool' on a whole 'nother level. Besides teaching an entire generation about White Russians, Jeff Bridges' character was an avid bowler, further proving that even slackers care about something.

4. Kevin Smith as Silent Bob - Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II

While both Jay and Silent Bob enjoy a little recreation every so often, it's Bob that gets the most mileage out of his Mary Jane. His words of wisdom arguably put him at the top of the list as one of the most intelligent characters in the View Askewniverse. Snoogins!

5. Method Man and Redman as Silas & Jamal - How High

This is definitely one of my favorite stoner comedies! The herb-filled film stars hip hop artists Redman and Method Man as stoners that get accepted to Harvard University. Yep. Let me say that again, they smoked their way into the Ivy League! As for how that happened? Watch this:

6. Kal Penn as Kumar - Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Famous for co-starring Neil Patrick Harris (you know, before he was cool), Harold and Kumar's first adventure to a New Jersey White Castle had an instant cult following. But, how much do the pair love the reefer? Well, Kumar actually marries a bag of it in a dream sequence! Now, that's commitment!

7. Jesse Eisenberg as Mike Howell - American Ultra

This list could never be complete without talking about the unsuspecting stoner that doesn't know he is actually a covert government operative deep down in his way-too-high mind somewhere. That takes a wicked amount of training. So much training in fact, that Mike's moves even impress himself!

But how could they not? Imagine if your body just seamlessly pulled that off?


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