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Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. Ask anyone under the age of 12 who they are and they would say "Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles." Ask any adult with a liberal arts education and they would all chime unanimously "famous Italian Renaissance painters."

Sure, the four turtles get their source name from the four great painters. It's an Easter Egg for the first generation of Turtle devotees who saw them in comics and TV series before the age of the computer, iPhone and streaming media.

Back then in 1984, when the TMNTdebuted, the computers were all MS-DOS or its Apple cousin (Apple DOS). Big old 8 inch and 3.5 inch floppy disks were the rule. And all the phones were land lines. Cell phones were just a twinkle in an AT&tT engineer's brain. The mobile phones that existed had to be hardwired into a car's electrical system and battery.

New York-based New Zealand Artist Owen Dippie doesn't want anyone to forget the original "Fantastic Four" that were the source inspiration for TMNT. Dipple is a fan of both Renaissance art and the TMNT. So naturally he combined these two passions and created a wall fresco featuring the Italian painters with turtle masks.

Dipple's creation can be seen by anyone riding the Bushwick, Brooklyn subway transit line.

For Dipple, it is all a matter of respect, for all kinds of arts-- whether it is comic book or classical.

“I am a child of popular culture and am inspired by my heroes,” said Owen. “By involving them in my art I pay my utmost respect to them in the best way I know how," Dipple noted to George East a Bored Panda staff writer.

You can find more of Owen Dipple's incredible street art at his website.

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