ByMike Hall, writer at
Goku is a great fighter martial artist. He wants a fair fight in which his opponent is at his best. I see no way Goku would just "blow up the sun" or even use kriptonite if he'd know about that any way. Plus Goku wouldn't kill billions of people by blowing up the sun. Even if Goku "transported" him to another solar system with a "red sun" ....just not likely. Superman is very strong and can travel 8x the speed of light! Goku fights fast and dodges punches at very high speeds this is very true. Superman hasn't needed to "fight fast"...but he is more than capable. I keep seeing some say Superman lost to Doomsday. He did destroy him later so... I've seen many times Goku lost to other fighters or needed help from friends or used tricks to win. How many times has Goku died?! Goku is awesome but Superman is as strong as he needs to be!! Superman has an Unlimited supply of the suns energy...Gokus strenght...power is limited he is always running out of power!! I'm not even bringing up Superman Prime which is no match against Goku! I know i hear the cries ...."Goku fights fast Superman cant keep up." Please then you don't know much about Superman. Superman is a brawler but can go fast if his opponent fights that way. These two are both heros and should fight one the same team.

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