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Randolph Johnson
But for those who watch the CW Flash every week, when the movie comes out they are going to expect the same thing from him. This is why you should have went with Wally West. DC has blown a great chance here. I mean if you had Wally you could over the course of the next five years give Guy Gardner life with the CW Flash for a full season, you could use John Stewart in spots how awesome would it be to see a big time actor like Tyrese and he never has to use his ring, but to see him on a show or two with Gustin, maybe have Ezra stop by a couple of times and use Hal or Chris Pine in the Arrow shows. You could in effect use these television shows to develop these guys and when we get to the Green Lantern movie, you could have them all there but focus more on John, Kyle, Katma, and Kilowog, and even allow us a chance to get to know some of the lesser known Lanterns. Havign a different universe is just going to make the Flash a non-factor, becuase you are going to have many wishing for Gustin because he is seen more as the Flash over Ezra, who like it or not is going to be compared every time, and in most cases Ezra is going to lose. It is just like the audience member trying to crack on the comedian, the comedian has the mic, and Gustin has a weekly series and Miller you only see him once maybe twice a year. It is a terrible idea...But, it goes hand in hand with the rest so what else is new...

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