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In case you didn't know, Las Vegas is currently playing host to the most prestigious fighting game tournament this weekend, from July 17th through the 19th. Known officially as the "Evolution Championship Series" or otherwise known as EVO, the tourney marks the pinnacle of all major fighting game tournaments. This year over 6,000 players hailing from 47 countries have come to compete against one another to prove who is the best.

Cue my surprise when it came to my attention that Jamie Lee Curtis, yes the same Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween and True Lies, is currently in attendance at EVO. How do I know this? The folks over at Dynamic Beadworks, a company that creates custom bead artwork for various video games, posted this picture of Curtis in front of their booth at EVO:

So cool, right? I know, I know! Now if you're like me you might be asking yourself why Jamie Lee Curtis is at a fighting game tournament right now. Well, the actress pretty much answered this question herself in a recent tweet:

Curtis cosplaying as Claw from Street Fighter?!
Curtis cosplaying as Claw from Street Fighter?!

Curtis might have been taking her son to the tournament as a graduation gift (what an awesome mom), but as it turns out she's a hardcore Street Fighter player. Makes sense, considering the Vega/Claw cosplay. During an interview from early 2015 for her film Spare Parts, Curtis also unflinchingly and proudly expressed how she plays a lot of Street Fighter:

Jamie Lee Curtis could likely beat you in a best of three set in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

So we know Curtis mains Cammy, a character well known to put her opponents in a blender of hurt thanks to her nasty dive kick mixups and smothering offensive pressure. As a Cammy player myself, it seems only natural that an actress who has portrayed strong female characters on film would gravitate towards a fighting game character like her; she's deadly, she's a survivor, and she's a total badass.

Cammy in the upcoming Street Fighter V
Cammy in the upcoming Street Fighter V

The question now is, did Jamie Lee Curtis showcase her talents and compete in the USF4 tourney at EVO this past weekend? I hope she did! I also wonder what Jamie Lee Curtis thinks of the changes made to Cammy in Street Fighter V, set to be released later this fall. What a surreal conversation that would be.


If you want to keep up with all the Street Fighter action at this year's EVO, be sure to tune in to Sunday evening at 6:30PM PDT (8:30PM central) to catch the top 8 players battle it out in the Ultra Street Fighter 4 finals.


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