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I tried shooting a review for Antman for my Youtube channel today, but unfortunately I am so tired after my day yesterday that my personality isn't able to emerge and I want to tell everyone my thoughts on this as soon as I could. So let me just cut to the chase and tell you all if you should take a trip to the theater and watch this movie in my opinion.

First off let me say I'm a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan-boy, I admit it. That doesn't change my view as a regular movie goer though. This movie had some great tie ins with the MCU that didn't feel forced and there's both a mid-post credits scene that was complete awesomeness, and then a final-post scene that helps set up some Civil War goodness. But as a stand alone movie, Antman shines as a prime example as to how Marvel Studios can go from something as big as Age of Ultron to a much smaller scale story of just one hero that no one has even heard well as coming close to addressing it in the movie nearly breaking the 4th wall.

The characters in this movie all felt relevant and well played. Michael Douglas does a fantastic job as Hank Pym and a father like figure passing the torch. And what really had me nervous about this movie was if Paul Rudd could pull off being Scott Lang/Antman, but he far exceeded what I thought he was going to be and became the Robin Hood and father that Scott is. Paul was more rugged and smarter than usual character he usually is and couldn't be happier they cast him.

On another note, this movie was just hilarious. To me easily one of the funniest movies of the MCU. A lot of this is due to the amazing screenplay work that Edgar Wright put into this and even though he left the project, his touch is still very much there. One of the things I admit wasn't a favorable thing professionally was the pure comedic relief of Scott's mexican friend, but I still found myself laughing hard at him even though his humor seemed forced at times. But the rest of the characters have great chemistry and great lines.

Even in this humor the movie still manages to tell a touching tale of a man trying to make right to be the hero his daughter thinks he is, another father that's widowed and trying to rekindle with his daughter, a apprentice trying to abuse his mentors power and over all redemption for everyone.

One of the biggest highlights of the film was the visuals. I very much wish I watched this movie in 3D because the scenes where Scott goes small were already overwhelming in 2D with their depth, I couldn't even imagine the feeling in 3D. We got to see lots and lots of Scott using the suit which was just fantastic. The CGI of the ants in this movie were astounding and it really seemed as if there was a man working with these controllable creatures (which by the way the ants in the movie played a FAR bigger role than I thought they would). I easily have my pick for best VFX this year because I have never seen a movie use the kind of fx this one did that played so well into what was actually happening in the MCU.

I'm willing to admit it wasn't perfect. There were flaws I felt were like the mexican friends comedy did feel forced at times, I didn't feel enough connection to Hank's daughter, and most of all the villain wasn't as bad as Malekith (Dark World) or Ronan (Guardians of the Galaxy), but he really didn't have enough development. He is so quickly clear to be a straight up bad person in the movie and I felt they could of gave him more development or at least more to relate to, but literally within the first half hour of the movie it's very clear this guy isn't right in the head. And even once he wears the yellow jacket suit, it really happens super suddenly...So suddenly as a matter of fact that I question how it's possible.

Overall Antman continues to not only prove that Marvel Studios is the best at making superhero movies, but what I'm most happy about is that they can go back to making smaller movies and not have to up the scale to make it a better movie like other blockbusters feel the need to do. If you know Antman lore then you will love the amount of attention Edgar Wright put into the screenplay as well as the touch he had on it. If you can, I very much recommend watching it in 3D. Let me know what you thought of it!


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