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Mary Cabilin

Dear helpless, lost, and doubtful,

At times, you find your own mind contemplating on whether your existence is even worth the air you breathe. Feeling numb, you sit in a room suffocated with dim clouds surrounding your being; you're drowning in doubt. You matter, and you will always mean more than your taunting words in this revolving world. Yet, your Mother didn't carry you in her womb for nine months for you to hate your own greatness. You're meant to stay.

The moment you were born, all eyes were on you. You're the brightest gift to be given in life; leaving people in awe. Your dad rushes over to your small face as your mom looks at you, both of them promising to give you the world. Even if there were millions of babies being born, you were the only Sun in the room. As for being born, you're always meant to exist with a reason. Either if you know it now or now it later when you only have another year of college left, you are never put to waste. Regardless of how old you are, time will always accompany you in life. There's no rush in finding where you belong, or finding your path in life. Just like a puzzle, there's always a space waiting for you to fill in the empty gap.

Life will always find a way to stifle the air out of your lungs and you have no choice but to be on your knees with beaten hopes. But you're never alone, there's always another person who's bleeding just to know what's it like to taste the air they couldn't inhale. When life gets arduous you'll fall more than once just make sure your hands are there when you feel the rugged pavement burn your palms, lift yourself up. Life will always be filled with death-matching situations, and you're built to endure every throbbing pain there is life throws at you. If you don't believe that, how are you existing at this very moment? How is that your pulse is still beating? Simple, you fought through. You battled every war and you're a living proof of resiliency. Your scars are there to remind you that, through all the pain your body managed the trotting waters. Feeling the freedom caressing your skin, sail through. You're floating, letting all your problems subside. Swim freely you're doing just fine.

"Don't give up", you heard those three words so often it comes in and out of your ears. It's only common because it's true. If you gave up, there's always more than one person you'll hurt. If you gave up, you won't be able to go to Paris and taste pastries or even see the other sides of the world. If you gave up, everyone you met or love, empty spaces will overtake their heavy chest latching into the belief they'll see you again. If you gave up, you'll never see your lover's eyes looking at you with pure content. If you gave up, flowers wouldn't bloom in spring nor the Sun wouldn't rise over the darkest clouds. If you were gone the world wouldn't be the same. Dismiss all the fear and doubt and see that the world needs you. Even if you think that your existence is inadequate, the importance of your being will never decrease unless if you fail to believe the beauty you sustain.

You're never worth less. Your being is worth all the riches in the world and you deserve to see yourself stand without feeling the uncertainty that eats you alive. You deserve to realize that you living and breathing is a heaven sent gift that manifests the seven wonders of the world. You deserve to see yourself smile, lacking the need to force your mouth to show an inch of your teeth. You deserve all the happiness life has to offer to you and you need to stay to witness that the universe will open up to you. Your life will burst with colors, filled with different hues than remaining black and white. Staying has never been a sin but a necessity for every human to recognize that they weren't a burden in the first place. Your body is a collection of coruscating brilliance, don't ever hinder your radiance.

When everything falls down, there's always help. Either if it's online, writing in a journal or talking to someone who you truly trust, no one's left to suffer alone. You will never be alone. Take the world one step at a time and take easy breathes. Life can knock you out like a sudden gust of wind, but prepare yourself to stand. No one can validate your belonging in this world except your acceptance of the value you contain. Keep fighting through, since it's always the best way out.

Sincerely, a person who wants you to stay


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