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Phase 2 is over! What an incredible run! It's a Marvel Movie release weekend, and the world waits with bated breathe for the analysis to begin. So here we go.

Ant-Man was, as can only be expected, incredible. I had tears of laughter in my eyes throughout the film, and the best way to describe it is a heist film, with superheroes. In terms of Marvel movies, it was closest to Guardians of the Galaxy in tone, but with less heroes, and more reference to the mainstream universe.
Here are the top five things that affect the mainstream universe, or are linked to it in some way, aside from the film itself, bringing Ant-Man into the MCU.

5. Enlarging discs

Ant-Man had discs which decreased and increased objects in size when coming into contact with them. Why is this significant? It shows us that he will be able to enlarge himself at one point, making him into Giant-Man/Goliath, like he did to this Thomas the Tank Engine toy a few minutes after the above shot.

4. Spider-Man Reference!

Here you see Scott Lang's friend Luis. At the end of the film, as he told a long story to Scott about the Falcon asking about the Ant-Man, he mentioned a journalist who was investigating heroes, and when Falcon asked her about Ant-Man, she said something along the lines of "You'll have to be more specific, we have all sorts these days, you have....(Blah blah blah) and even guys crawling up walls." This is the first undeniable reference to Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU. It also shows he is already fighting crime, and Civil War has begun, but we'll get to that later.

3. Falcon Fight + Avengers Facility

Falcon entering was one of my favourite scenes in the film. It was absolutely hilarious when Scott expected to find a broken down facility and found the very much in use Avengers headquarters, complete with protector Falcon. The fight between them was totally epic, and showed Ant-Man's battle prowess. It also was a great way to throw Ant-Man into the world of Avengers, and answered the questions directed to Marvel about why fellow Avengers never appear in solo films, something I hope will be permanently rectified starting now.

2. Post Credit Scene 1- Enter the Wasp

I hoped and hoped for this in the months of waiting leading up to the release of this film. When it was mentioned that Janet had been lost in the Quantum Universe, I despaired at the thought of going without Wasp, but as the credits started to roll, I felt renewed Hope (get it?) and sure enough, got what I wanted. Evangelline Lilly seemed like a big enough name to become another member of the Avengers roster, though we may not get her in full costume in Civil War. It is an amazing thing to get another Marvel Superhero, and it completes the original Avengers line-up we have long awaited. What a post credits scene. As it ended, I didn't think it could be topped...

1. War has begun!

Then it was smashed apart. The biggest thing about the second post credits scene wasn't the return of the Winter Soldier, or Falcon suggesting that they call in Ant-Man, it was the mention of Tony Stark being obliged to catalogue the Winter Soldier if they called him, meaning that registration has begun, and the sides are already splitting. With Spider-Man introduced, and Steve not trusting Tony anymore, it's all starting to fall apart. Those three hiding in that garage, it all smells of War. I can't wait for the devastation that will be Cap 3.

Those are the biggest Marvel Universe blocks that were placed by the latest installment. Phase 2 is at an end, and phase 3 begins with Captain America 3 in May. Phase 1 was about assembling the Avengers, Phase 2 was about testing them, but Phase 3... is about breaking them. Phase 3 means war. Get ready for it.


Which was your favourite Ant-Man link to the rest of the MCU?


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