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Hi everyone, there are major spoilers ahead for all of Arrow up to the end of season 3, and potential spoilers for season 4. You have been warned.

You tell them guys
You tell them guys

Okay, onto business. So, let's recap what's happening with Oliver right now. He is currently living the life of freedom away from being a superhero in Coast City (Home of Ferris Airlines) with Felicity.

When we last left the pair, they were driving happily off into the sunset, finally free from the shackles of the Arrow, as Oliver had killed Ra's Al Ghul and then hung up his cape, leaving his sister Thea (Speedy), Diggle (Soon to have a cool alter ego) and Laurel Lance (Black Canary) to save the city from crime. However, we all knew the honeymoon wouldn't last. At SDCC, the Arrow panel started with a bang, with Stephen Amell walking out on stage with this costume on.

Confirming what we long had been told, Arrow is dead, and it is Green Arrow's turn. This costume is much more similar to the comics, and as such it is possible that Oliver becomes slightly more like that character. I have a theory though, that maybe he won't.

We were told at SDCC that something would happen in the first episode which would drive Oliver back to Starling to take on the mantle of Green Arrow. Let's think about what that could be. Remember the huge game changer in season 3's opener?

Oh yeah, that. I'm thinking that Damien Darkh (Neal McDonough) will be rather annoyed that Oliver tried to kill him in the season 3 finale, and therefore will...


AW! Right in the feels!
AW! Right in the feels!

Hear me out. I know this sounds terrible, but think about it. In season 3, no-one really liked Felicity's character all that much, including the actress herself. The whole Olicity arc has really started to annoy most fans, except fangirls of the pairing, and it's taken away from the show a bit. A lot of fans felt season 3 was weaker than previous seasons, and that could be in part due to the huge amount of focus on this relationship. Also, Oliver has become determined to stay with her and not be Arrow anymore, so what could make him go back on his promise? Her death. It would be a huge step for the show, and it would bring him back in full vengeance against Damien Darkh. Then who knows? After he recovers from the heartbreak, maybe he could get back with Laurel like the comics always destined?

However, I'm not blind. I can see the problems with this theory too. The fangirls of Olicity would cause massive uproar, and the cast would lose Emily Bett Rickards, which is both heartbreaking and unlikely for them to do. Plus she has connections across the three shows, and the showrunners said that one character would be in and out of all three shows, tying them together. However, I think that the footage we have seen so far from Legends shows a lot of the Flash, and therefore think he may be the one tying them all together. The problem with all this? We barely know anything about Arrow season 4 yet, and may have to wait another month or so before we see a trailer. Until then, all we can do is speculation, like this article. So I'll continue to do that, and wait patiently for more Flarrow.


Do you think they will kill Felicity?


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