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In London,Hank Pym and Amanda Waller have chat about Ginger Ninja as Hank tells Amanda that they will need some hero's to save the world as Amanda knows that the hero's helping them will be to take down Ginger Ninja once and for all.

Steve Rogers is out of prison for stealing cars as he is planning to save the world by getting help from someone named Tony Stark who is a billonare and becomes a bit of a showoff at first as he shows Steve his house and introduces him to J.AR.V.I.S and his bodyguard Happy Hogan as Steve knows that Tony is rude and disrespectful towards him as he pulls him by the shirt and pulls out a dagger as Tony starts to laugh when Steve punches him in the chest and then steps on his phone and walks off.

Tony goes to see Steve and apologizes to him for being rude as he tells him that he is a thief as Steve tells him to shut up.


Hawkeye is seen in boot camp carrying two cinder blocks on his back and drops them on the floor and sees Pepper Potts who tells him to give her twenty five push ups but he talks back to her but she tells him to do the push ups and he does it anyway.

A cheerleader who is doing gymnastics and boxing is Natasha Romanoff who is seen doing her martial art skills as she gets chased by a group of police officers as she hides in the attic in the dark as the police officers draw thier assault rifles at Natasha who gets arrested while a truck is outside of the police station as Tony gives Steve a stopwatch which he invented as Steve puts it on and it actives a jetpack on his chest to fly into the entrance to distract the guards while Hawkeye comes into action by arriving at the police station by holding a greande to kill the ninjas one by one.

Tony drives the truck backwards to the entrance of the police station leading to Bruce turning into the Hulk to swing the truck to kill the officers as Tony jumps out of the truck and puts on his respulors to by asking the guards were is Natasha but the guards don't ask him until they are shot in the head by Amanda Waller.

Thor arrives and begins to take down the Ninjas in the prison and nods at Ant Man to take down the guard as Tony opens the door as Ant Man carries Natasha out of the prison while Steve gives the guards a flying punch with War Machine, Vision, Nick Fury,J.A.R.V.I.S,Doctor Strange,Suicide Squad,Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in the Helicarrier to fire down the prison leaving Hulk to see Bane who has a fight him for the first time as Bane punches Hulk in the face and leaves with Ginger Ninja who disappear in a helicopter.

As The Avengers are now born leading to each of them training in a boxing ring as for Ant Man knows about Ginger Ninja as he knows that The Joker, Yellowjacket and a dozens of villains are teaming up with Ginger Ninja to take over the world but they are soon arrested by Commissioner Gorden.

The Avengers are in different prison cells as Sam Wilson arrives holding submachine guns to fire at the guards giving time for Suicide Squad to arrive to take down the guards as Natasha uses her electric batons to destory the cell bars and fights alongside with Harley Quinn while Bruce turns into Hulk by throwing Katana to stab a guard in the neck fellowed by Killer Croc getting the police to chase him as they get punched by Hawkeye who wears brass knuckles.

A guard goes to check the cell and knows its opened as he gets blasted by Iron Man who is wearing a suit and grabs a heavily customised CMMG Mk4 3GR as he shoots at the guards one by one while that is happening as Thor tries to get out but he is choked by the Joker who gets punched by Hank Pym who takes the strap off Thor who still has the Hannibal Mask on his mouth and starts to check his heavily customised Glock 17.


Natasha and Harley take down a couple more guards as Harley uses the electric batons to shock the guards while Natasha grabs a sniper rifle and shoots at a sniper for the first time.

Quicksilver and Flash run fast to take down the police with Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

The police choke Quicksilver who holds a pair of scissors to stab the police to death and then throws a grenade over to Scarlet Witch who tosses it at a sniper at the entrance.

Batman joins with Steve as he tells him to use the Batmobile which is outside as Batman uses an axe to slash the sniper in half and then throws a batrang at two snipers who are knocked unconscious as Steve gets to the Batmobile but he gets caught by Black Mask who begins to fight him in combat as Black Mask is about to kill Steve as a group of controlled Ants that are controlled by Hank Pym who is in a laboratory as the ants begin to attack Black Mask who starts to struggle to get out as Steve drives the Batmobile away from Black Mask who pulls out a bazooka to fire at the Batmobile as Steve drives into a shortcut but the road is blocked as it is surrounded by a group of clowns who work for The Joker who begin to shoot at the Batmobile as Steve drives the Batmobile to knock out the first Clown fellowed by the other Clown to get out his assault rifle but he gets blasted by Iron Man who arrives with Batman and along with Steve they all take down the clowns together.

Black Mask shoots the group of ants and goes to Sokovia and begins to bring tanks and helicopters to the church but the tanks are destroyed by Ant Man who shrinks down to avoid the helicopters firing at him as he takes down Black Mask who begins to fight him by damaging the suit which shrinks him back to his regular size as Black Mask knows that Ant Man is Scott Lang as he begins to throw him to the wall and a fight begins between them.

War Machine,Vision,Maria Hill,Pepper Potts,Nick Fury,J.A.R.V.I.S and Happy Hogan take down Ultron in the Helicarrier by shooting him down while the Joker gets blasted by Star Lord and punched by Catwoman.

Black Mask headbutts Scott and starts to aim his gun at him as he reaches for the Ant Man helmet and uses it to hit Black Mask and then begins to fight him without the suit.

The clowns are ambushed by Killer Croc who throws a car at them to explode while Batman and Falcon both are in the Batmobile taking down clowns as Iron Man is surrounded by the clowns who soon get shot down by Green Arrow who teams up with him as they both take down the clowns together while Hawkeye arrives on a motorcycle and throws explosives everywhere causing for them to trigger an explosion to kill all of the clowns to death while Black Mask chokes Scott who is kicked by the henchman who send him away in a tank as Deadshot is from the shadows and pulls out his sniper rifle to shoot at the wheels of the tank causing Scott nudges one of the henchman while the rest of the henchman are shot by Deadshot and Deadpool.

Bane has a fight with Hulk who gets pummeled by Solomon Grundy as Hulk is bleeding from his face as he punches Bane who gets help from Copperhead who poisons the Hulk who has to fight hallucinations of the hulkbuster suit who begin to fight back but Hulk faces his fear and begins to smash the hallucinations and then throws Solomon Grundy to a tank which falls on Yellowjacket and Bane who are dead as Guardians of the Galxay takes down the clowns together with Batman ,Green Arrow and Falcon while Steve throws his shield to give to Green Lantern who uses it with his powers alongside with Scarlet Witch using her telekinesis to control Captain America's shield to knock out the clowns and ninjas in slow motion.

Ginger Ninja goes to the airport leading to the Avengers,Suicide Squad and Batman work together to take down each henchman and Ninja as Iron Man leads the Iron legion to blast at the henchman while Harley Quinn goes after the airplane as she gets caught by two ninjas who are soon killed by Hawkeye.

Thor shoots at the henchman in prison and gets out of the cell and gets his hammer to swing at the henchman at the airport along with Deadpool and Ant Man.

Batman and Captain America punch the henchman together while the Winter Solider fires a grenade at Captain America who throws his shield to Harley Quinn who uses it to throw at the winter Solider who spots her and a fight begins between them for the first time ever.

The Joker arrives at the airport and captures Natasha leading to Luke Cage throw a missile at the Joker which misses as an explosion happens as The Joker drives off to Vilena, an island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Avengers go to Vilena, an island in the Gulf of Mexico as Captain America throws his shield to blow up in a tower.

Iron Man blows up the henchman with his repulors.

Thor throws his hammer to kill the ninjas while he gets into a fight with a Ninja who begins to throw Thor into a plie of fire and uses his hammer against him.

Natasha tries to escape from the ninjas as she backflips from the window and is soon corned by the henchman who is kicked in the chest by Scott who throws a wrench over to Batman who takes down a few henchman to die while The Joker begins to find Natasha who is running from his gunshots but The Joker starts to nod at his henchman to find Natasha but the henchman are shot in the chest twenty times by Hawkeye who uses a shotgun which he tosses over to Bruce who begins to use it as a sword to fight the henchman who begin to headbutt him to the ground floor as the henchman throw the shotgun away by kicking Bruce who turns into the Hulk and smashes the henchman alongside with Killer Croc and War Machine.

The Ninja elbows Thor to the ground and then starts to beat him up with brass kunckles as he starts to backflip Thor who struggles to fight back.

The winter soilder punches Harley Quinn who uses her baseball bat to knock him out and then takes his grenade launcher to fire at the guards who have a shootout with her for the first time.

Thor holds the Ninja by the leg as the Ninja is soon taken down by Natasha who shows off impressive martial arts.

As everything starts to explode as Deathstroke arrives to fight against Iron Man while The Joker is about to leave in a tank as Scott throws a grenade to blow the tank up as the Joker and Ultron are together as Batman goes after Ultron in the Batmobile while The Joker goes to the Avengers tower for the first time in a helicopter as he begins to destory the laboratory that Tony and Bruce use as Amanda Waller knows that the Avengers tower is used by the Joker leading to The Avengers go and stop him while Deathstroke punches Iron Man and goes to Avengers tower in a submarine.

Batman loses Ultron but the Batmobile gets shot down by the winter Solider.

The Avengers tower is surrounded by The Joker,The Riddler, Viper, Solomon Grundy, Bane,Yellowjacket,Mr Freeze, Posion Ivy,Black Mask,Iron Monger, Dracula, Doctor Doom,Green Goblin,The Rhino,Sandman,Venom,The Lizard, Electro, Whiplash,The Mandarin,The Penguin,Arkham Knight,Frogman,Horsemen, Magneto ,Snakeman,Wolfman and the invisible children who begin to fight off Suicide Squad and Avengers as Hulk fights Bane and Solomon Grundy while Magneto and Riddler get into a fight with Green Arrow and Hawkeye leading to Batman fighting Dracula,Ultron,Venom,Iron Monger,Whiplash, Horsemen, Green Goblin,The Rhino and The Mandarin who are all killed by Batman and Quicksilver.

Flash and Scarlet Witch take down a group of ghosts one by one while Doctor Doom gets into a fight with Nightwing who kills him but it backfires as Doctor Doom kills him and then uses his powers to slow down


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