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Alien. Possibly one of the most terrifying creatures ever to roam where no one hears you scream. 1979, saw a the franchise burst into theatres with a jaw-dropping experience that few others at the time had rivalled. In the golden age of Star Wars, Jaws and the Exorcist, audiences sought out aw-inspiring experiences, and what should stick its tongue out? A creature that set the tone for sci-horrors to come.

When Alien was released people screamed, it was just so terrifying I only wish I could be there myself, anyone who saw the film are all too familiar with some of the most sickening and horrible, scenes known to scifi at the time, but it was not just those scenes, it was the tone that set Alien to be one of the most influential horror franchises of all time.

Its distinctive, yet creepy music, dark overtones and futuristic setting propelled audiences into a world that few directors have since been able to replicate, which is where the great Neil Blomkamp comes in.

Director Neil Blomkamp, is known for his appeal for the scifi genre, with a brilliant mix of graphic violence and the dark sides of politics, which are a perfect fit for the Alien franchise. Anyone who has seen district 9, knows how deep and intense the stories told by Neil can get.

It begs the question though, if Ripley’s story is to see closure, then what direction would be next for the franchise, would it continue? If so, who would lead the cast on the future of Alien stories?

It has been a while for news of the latest Alien flick, as to be directed by Neil Blomkamp. Yet, it is still most exciting to find that the Alien franchise is hotting up with news of the latest film with returning star Sigourney Weaver, Prometheus 2 is due to be released next year to tie in with the rest of the alien films as the latest spinoff in what could become an alien cinematic universe. In the past their have been releases of Predator and Alien vs Predator crossover films that have sought to expand the Alien universe, with the Alien vs Predator series all but cancelled and the predator franchise seeming in limbo, it would seem that the franchise will continue with the main films and with Prometheus which all come next year soon after the fantastic release of Alien Isolation. It may be worth considering that Fox should develop a spinoff based on the Isolation game if it becomes popular enough (see the link to my petition below).

If a cinematic universe really did bloom from this franchise just think of the possibilities, Alien Origins, Prometheus 3, Alien 3 and Resurrection remakes and a continuation of the main series with a new character to take over from Ripley (hint her daughter, or a newly cast Newt).

Alien Isolation has exploded in popularity with around 2 million copies sold, there is a big potential to expand this game into a series which could help promote the Alien film series and vice versa and bring its popularity back to the fame it once had.

This franchise has a lot of potential and it needs its fans to support it back into a modern series. The link to my petition (see below) to request a series to be made from the game Alien Isolation is here, if you can please help support it may help to get more Alien Isolation games made and promote the Alien popularity. Thank you!


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