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found this on by a friend and had to share it!

I'm the girl

who fell in love with a book,

hunted the shadows and

Ran with the wolves.

The girl who jumped trains with the Dauntless

who ran through The Maze,

killing the demons and

Winning the games

Im the girl who was a Wallflower with Charlie

who had lungs that sucked at being lungs

who defeated Tom Riddle and

Jumped off the Maze with Newt

Im the girl who sang to Rue

who died with Chuck

who fought alongside Tris and

Said 'Okay' with Gus

Im the girl that fought with Gally

who shouted 'For Narnia!'

who baked with Peeta and

Cried with Snape when Lily died

Im the girl who laughed with the Weasley twins

who killed the Minotaur with Percy

the girl who lost Prim with Katniss.

The girl who played Alto next to Mia..

Im the girl who lived 100 lives and died 1000 deaths...

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