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Jordan Owen

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most revered franchises known to the modern day with eight films to its belt and a trilogy of live adaptation based on the ‘’Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’’ short book by J.K. Rowling released for Comic Relief in 2001. It has also been concluded with the main storyline finishing with the Deathly Hallows, but plans to follow Eddie Redmayne in the new trilogy set 70 years before the events of the Harry Potter films. This franchise is still fresh from its climax, and fans crave more material such as that of J.K. Rowlings published works that follow on from the deathly hallows, such as the recent Dolorous Umbridge short.

There was also another short book known as Quidditch through the Ages, also released in 2001. If there is a chance that there are ideas to adapt this book into a live action film as well, then this would allow the franchise to continue from spinoffs that expand a potential ‘’Harry Potter Cinematic Universe’’. If J.K. would consider adapting this book, it would create interesting perspective from the universe, exploring a sports-fantasia genre, which would be unique for Hollywood films and for those most familiar with the Harry Potter series.

This film could see the early history of Quidditch, explore the character, Kennilworthy Whisp and follow the perspective of players participating in Quidditch tournaments or the world cup and shed a little more light on the design of brooms (such as the Firebolt) and the back stories of some of the most famous Quidditch players (Ivan Popa or Royston Idlewind). It would be most exciting to see the magical world in this way, it would be fast paced and exciting! The films ‘’A Knights Tale’’ or ‘’Dodgeball’’ would be good examples of sports stories that inspire such a film, or even Rocky. It would also be ideal to add a flavour of sports through the hiring of sports film directors, such as Ryan Coogler (Creed), Brian Helgeland (42 and A Knights Tale) or Thomas Carter (Coach Carter).

It would also be interesting for the series, to develop updated games of ‘’Quidditch World Cup’’ or games based on a proposed live action ‘’Quidditch through the Ages’’. If the series proved popular enough it could form a series with games titled: ‘’Quidditch, 16, Quidditch 08, or Quidditch Manager’’ perhaps? Imagine how fun it would be to have better graphics for the Quidditch game locations, or the use of more types of brooms and equipment to modify the brooms, used to boost speed or manoeuvring and more teams, such as Ireland, being able to play the Beaters and have the seeker fly though breakable objects or hop over objects to catch the snitch and making manic manoeuvres in and out of the stadium to catch it. The use of Gringotts Bank for all teams to purchase equipment, earned from winnings. There could also be storylines inspired by the books to include the escape of Dragons or Dementors that chase the players. The players could also have the opportunity to create new and inventive ways to swing or whack the quaffle through the hoops and make multiple team special manoeuvres. The Quidditch World Cup was also well received by fans with many hoping to see more of such games. If such films and games were to happen it would an incredible new side to the Harry Potter franchise.


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