ByGary O'Neal, writer at
The same reason Thor is now a woman and Captain America is now black: Marvel has caught some grief from the PC crowd about the heroes in its multi-billion dollar movie business being predominantly white. But they know better than to mess with that formula. After all, American box office sales account for about 1/2 of the box office take overall anymore. The other half comes from overseas where the audience, like audiences here, still expect to see the characters as depicted in 50+ years of comics. Only in America is the PC voice so loud...and annoying. So, in order to prove their "diversity" they take well known comic books characters and ethnicize them. "Look! We're PC, too! See? Cap is black, Thor is a chick of all...Spider-man is 1/2 black and 1/2 Latino!" Its like that episode of "All in the Family" where Archie's all-white, all-protestant club tries to prove how diverse they are by admitting a Jewish black man! The comics represent a very small part of Marvel's income nowadays, so they play fast and loose with comic characters and "diversity." Put another way, its actually as if Marvel is admitting that they cannot create new, original, compelling minority figures so they just wrap a familiar costume on the minority du jour and say, "Taa-daa! Diversity accomplished!" And, btw, once Secret Wars has wrapped up, "Amazing Spider-man" (Peter Parker) will be on shelves right next to "Spider-man" (Miles Morales.) You wanna place bets on which one will sell the most?

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