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With rumors of a Ben Affleck directed BATMAN solo movie for 2019, we can assume so many angles with be touched by the Dark Knight. A much-anticipated encounter with Jared Leto's JOKER, the aftermath of Batman V Superman, and the answer to the burning question inside all of our BAT minds. Who was the kid in the Robin suit hanging in the Bat Cave?


let's not let that question overshadow the history of that suit and what it means to the BATMAN cinematic universe. The Robin history is rich with coolness and to wash away the sting of seeing the ROBIN suit displayed in the Bat cave after whatever tragically put it there we'll need this one person that can do it.

Dick Grayson aka NIGHTWING is one of those unique characters in DC that is far more personal to it's corp universe. We witnessed Dick Grayson grow from Boy Wonder, to Teen Titan, and to fulfilling his destiny-taking over the mantle of the Bat as the DARK KNIGHT himself.

Which now leads us to the most exciting part of this article, WHO CAN PLAY NIGHTWING ?Who would be a great fit for the role? Since the fact that Bruce Wayne is a lot older here in this cinematic universe, we can assume Nightwing himself will have a little bit of maturity in their years.

Since Dick Grayson can one day be the BAT, the actor who plays this role has to be someone who can burden the load that comes with assuming the mantle of the BAT.

So here are my suggestions to help quench this curiosity


There are few actors that can encompass a youthful spirit as a former ROBIN and the edge needed to make a believable NIGHTWING. One such man who can burden this duty could be JARED PADALECKI.

C’mon guys, if any one of you know who SAM WINCHESTER is and his years on SUPERNATURAL-10 seasons worth then you know why this guy makes SO MUCH sense. He’s an actor who can be trusted to carry roles like this in Hollywood. CW actors like Jared have the most faithful following with fans of this genre of movies. Added plus-he looks like Dick Grayson.

Funny thing about this is that his cast mate JENSEN ACKLES is at the top of every BATMAN fan’s wish list to play JASON TODD/THE RED HOOD. This can create a very unique combination for future Batman movies. Just imagine these two actors playing these iconic roles with a chemistry ten years in the making my friends.

Oh yea, did I forget to mention Jensen was the voice actor that brought the Red Hood to live in the animated movie?

Another actor who can fill this role is MILO VENTIMIGLIA. If you saw him in the original run on NBC HEROES (re-boot coming) and if you see him on ABC’s WHISPERS chasing after a kid controlling alien named Drill then you know he can play this role.

There is no question MILO has the build for a superhero role like this, his look is spot on and he fits the age range to make the role work. He also has the ability to play a dark hero as we saw plenty of times onscreen.

Since he is no longer a regular on MTV’s TEEN WOLF-Tyler Hoechlin is another actor that can fill the role. He has the look, the build, and the intensity to play this character. His role as Alpha Wolf DEREK HALE is proof of that. He's ready to move up into the big leagues coach!

Hell, he can actually play a good JASON TODD as well; perfect for both roles-either/or. The look of an athlete makes it interesting on what he can do with action scenes. Less forget how evil Derek Hale was season 2 of Teen Wolf and how you can see a bit of RED HOOD in that.

TOM WELLING can also fit the role of Dick Grayson. Already popular for playing an iconic character from another DC universe,Tom Welling fits the age range, look and build for NIGHTWING. He's another actor that can fill the boots of The Red Hood as well.

There is no question that NIGHTWING can add that bit of balance into Batman's cinematic universe. Having Dick Grayson there in the Bat cave is a matter of importance. Especially after the events of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

Only he can truly understand what Bruce Wayne feels as he is out there in the night battling alongside the Dark Knight. Alfred is great, no doubt about that- but he doesn't know what one goes through when engaging ten trained killers on the Gotham streets.

If Ben Affleck is tapped with directing the rumored 2019 solo movie, we can see a lot of depth into the emotional, and mental toll that Bruce Wayne goes through and who better to anchor that than Dick. Who else does Bruce trust that much to let in at this stage of his cinematic life?

We’re all going to be treated to a spoonful of sadness when they reveal who was the unfortunate boy that filled that Robin suit-killed by the Joker. We can assume it was Jason Todd, but you never know how these things go in Comic Cinematic stories. Dick Grayson is a part of that Robin history and it's only right that if Jared Leto's JOKER is going to rain terror on Gotham that the only one boy wonder in Batman's life is there to fight back as NIGHTWING.


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Is he the right one to play NIGHTWING?


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