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Everyone likes a good rivalry. Here is a list on the top 5 Anime Rivals.

Number 5. Ash and Gary

Here is a classic one. Ever since they were kids,Gary has always been one step ahead of Ash. We watched as Ash tried to surpass him, only to fail every time. We even got a taste of Ash's bitterness from Blue in Pokemon Red and Blue ( we know it's you Gary).

Number 4. Ranma and Ryoga

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Ranma and Ryoga's source of rivalry is the affection of a girl named Akane. Ranma and Ryoga are both great fighters, but Ryoga's curse gives him the disadvantage on the battlefield and an advantage with Akane. That is because he turns into a cute piglet.

Number 3. Natsu And Gray

These two are polar opposites. Natsu controls fire and Gray controls ice. These two literally fight every ten minutes in their guild of Fairy Tail. They fight so much that their friends have gotten used to it.

Number 2. Goku and Vegeta

Everyone knows these two. Vegeta wants to be the strongest in the universe but there multiple obstacles to this goal and Goku is one of them. No matter how hard Vegeta trains, Goku always has the upper hand. Eventually Vegeta accepts that Goku is stronger than him, but here still trains every day to " not get soft".

Number 1. Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke have been rivals since they were young. Naruto didn't like how cool Sasuke acted and tried to knock down his ego. Ever since then they were rivals. Always trying to out do each other, these two are the definition of rivals.


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