ByWilliam Mallaber, writer at
...their problems, but the complications of being different as a whole. It's literally anyone who is different than another being that gets chastised. And the X-men aren't the only ones who face this struggle. Superman himself is being put down for being an alien and for bringing danger to the planet, even though he sees it as his home and wishes to protect it. So, honestly, McKellan, you're wrong that there is no specific meaning behind the Superman franchise. And if someone wants to send this to McKellan, go ahead. He's one of my favorite actors, but that was a seriously low blow. If you look at half the superhero movies out now, they are shown to struggle with being outcast from the rest of the world for their differences. And not just the movies. The Live-Action Series too. Arrow and Daredevil have both been thrown under the bus, and half the world is against superman after what happened in Metropolis in the last movie. He nearly loses himself to depression, and yet he fights on, despite being different. So don't bash Superman just because you think X-Men is better. pay attention to the story behind the movie as well.

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