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The common "it was just a movie" always incites in me, rage. Poor viewership does exist and it misguides many viewers. They manage thoughts in rationales which accept cinema as the lackluster art. Directors and writers who make no barriers between life experience and the screen get reduced to dust. We should make those viewers wise.

When indirectly communicated plot points move a story and some audience is adrift through a subsequent scene, that audience made improper or no existence for analytical rationale. Amateurish. No sense for their role in viewing the film. We should appreciate a film's true existence, we must accept its worth; a viewer can then, discern. If an object is not allowed to have its own value, then it will not be perceived as it is.

He couldn't do that! To that, I feel I must say Who couldn't? The modern implications of Skyfall, feel very relevant. Plot points assembled by real events, offered by human reflection, stimulate us. The movies of natural bases with an objective, are demoted by scenes similar to this. They should not be. James Bond is his name and he overcomes human restraints; he represents something greater. Powerful. A plot point. The shallow experience misconstrues the beautiful arts of cinema.

Mere entertainment and money are the common substitutes for a film's honest purpose. At the appearance of these wicked substitutions we grow our morose constitution. But in some places, possibly even more prevalent than we hope, the words may be configured by a witness to truth; another detriment to our ears, the soulless and candidly unimaginative filmmakers. Unskilled journeys toward moronic destinations. When an original and divine place of cinema reaches for our collective human disposition, we submit motionlessly in our chairs as our gleaming eyes will not shut, we know something unaltered has been projected from an honest companion.

E.T. truly represents something and we can feel it. Often, there is similar countenance linking the viewer and Elliott. Many cooperatively formed this scene. Distinct craftsmen managing the full form of cinema compositely, constructed an inseparable product. A complete unit, full of small and massive intentions. A viewer should see it as so.

Vociferate and denounce the slander! Guide those who aimlessly open their eyes during films. Enjoy experiencing the artists' invention.


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