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The Walking Dead Mysteries: Why Did Shane Shoot Otis in the Leg?

In the third episode of AMC Season 2's THE WALKING DEAD ,titled "Save the Last One" , we witness Shane and Otis at a high school getting "stuff and thangs" so that Hershel can try to save Carl (aka -CAARRROOOLLL as all of us WD fans now know him as lol) . Shane seems to have grown to like Otis after getting over the fact that he accidentally shot Carl. They share a few words back and forth at the high school, and even end up depending on one another( after they both suffer injuries) even putting their arms around one another to help support each other to walk.
As they fight their way out of the school and into the parking lot, things are not looking too well for either of them. Walkers are everywhere. They both are injured and limping. They both are almost out of ammo. ((But yet, a lot of online speculators comment that they are close to their vehicle. That speculation remains to be confirmed. )) However, as walkers chase them through the parking lot, something clicks in Shane's' brain. There's no other option in Shane's mind but to sacrifice Otis.

Pulling a "Shane".
Pulling a "Shane".

Shane then shoots Otis in the leg to leave him as bait for the walkers, so HE can make a getaway. The mystery in this episode is WHY did Shane shoot poor Otis in the leg and NOT in the head. Did he want Otis to feel the horrible pain of being ripped apart and eaten alive? This was the same Otis who told Shane moments before, "I'm not leaving YOU behind". Yet, Shane had no problem leaving Otis behind.

What would YOU have done? Would YOU have sacrificed Otis to get away? Although we all liked Otis, Carl did need to be saved, and if neither Shane nor Otis had made it back to the farm, Carl would most likely would have died if Hershel had not received those items that Shane brought back. What else could have been done so they both could have made it out alive? It looks like Shane had no other choice but to do what he did. However, we all have been asking this question for the past 3 seasons...WHY did he shoot Otis in the LEG? Why not shoot him in the head or a major artery even, where he would have died quickly. Why didn't he shoot him ANYWHERE else to make his death quicker. Why would Shane leave Otis, the same guy who had helped him just moments before, to suffer such a horrible death? The question still remains......


Why do YOU think Shane shot Otis in the leg?


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