ByAlbert Hastings, writer at

What if somebody threw out all the things networks and studios demand in a property and yet made the kind of connection with an audience that those systems dream about? Taboos, like having a Korean heroine, a transgender heroine, explicit alternative sexuality, shooting in Africa and India and Iceland, no bankable actors, a sympathetic drug dealer, promoting hacking and data theft, (uh, hi Sony!). It's no wonder the critics are running for cover but thankfully it's attracted enough fans to say to Netflix, 'Do it again! We want a second season!'

Sense8 is like the X-Files which actually has a plan for the payoff. It's something that's grown rapidly from a niche audience to widespread enthusiastic support in a way that restores confidence that people don't just want endless 'comic book movies', as Dustin Hoffman put it so succinctly. Kudos to Netflix for taking a chance on what must hava very atypical pitch! It's biggest selling point was the talent behind it and, 'Just read the script! You want original? Here it is!'

The end of season 1 was a completely satisfying resolution for every one of the eight primary characters, but it still managed to open the door to even more extraordinary possibilities in season 2. Everyone wins, now the stakes go up. Will it continue to gain audience, absolutely. Word of mouth is already ensuring that. Will it change Hollywood? Let's hope so!


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