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Henry Reneau

At last, Spider-Man is the property of Marvel! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely excited to see what Marvel is going to do with him. Neither Garfield nor Maguire will appear as Spider-Man in the MCU, and The Amazing Spider-Man franchise will not have an end to the planned trilogy. However, a Spider-Man movie is planned for July 28, 2017, and after the two previous reboots, it's doubtful that the movie will include Spider-Man's origin story. 19 year old British actor Tom Holland is the official third Spider-Man, which probably means that we will see a young Peter Parker just after he has begun his career as Spider-Man.

However, we will get to see Spider-Man before 2017. On May 6th, 2016, Marvel's [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be released, and Holland will be on the set very soon. Spider-Man has been a big part of this story for several years, and now that Peter Parker is back at Marvel, he will be included in the upcoming movie. Here's a fan made poster I saw the other day.

However, before we all get excited about seeing Spider-Man in Civil War, it's probably too late to make Spider-Man a main character. After all, filming has already begun, and Spider-Man left Sony fairly recently. Again, Peter Parker or Spider-Man will make an appearance in Civil War, but maybe during one of the post credit scenes rather than in the main storyline. It's certain that Spider-Man will appear in Avengers: Infinity War Part One, coming in 2018.

As for Spider-Man's personal issues, he will appear as Peter Parker, seeing as Holland already has the role. For Spider-Man's individual movies, he'll hopefully fight villains we haven't seen him fight before, such as Vulture, Kraven, and the Chameleon. As far as love interests go, who knows? Both Mary Jane and Gwen have already appeared, so maybe this time, it will be Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson's secretary.

So, are you excited about the future of Spider-Man? Hopefully, the third time is the charm, and Marvel will do an excellent job bringing one of our favorite superheroes back to the big screen. Which villains do you want to see in the new Spider-Man?


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