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You all know you've thought about it. You don't want to think about it, but it crosses your mind from time to time. Here we are, in season 6 of The Walking Dead, and almost season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead, so you have to ask yourself the question; when and how is it all going to end?

They've already announced that they want it to last till season 11 or 12

And as crazy as that sounds, this is TWD we're talking about here. It could happen!

So let's think about how the series finale could go down!

A lot of scenarios have been suggested:
Everybody dies
It's only the U.S. that's infected and the rest of the world firebombs it.
Rick dies for his family and turns.

But my favorite is this one right here:

The children shall inherit the earth

When you talk about zombie viruses, you're talking about some pretty nasty, mutated stuff. What starts out as a new strain of the flu could be a world ender.

cool that fact is
cool that fact is

Dr. Jenner let Rick know that the virus is inside all of us, but whose to say it was always there? It could have mutated at one point and became airborne, and infected us all, but not until it was spread all over the place by bites and skeeters (kidding...maybe). So why not have it mutate again? Since everyone has it in them, what happens when a child is born into the world with the virus in them. Could it become part of their DNA, giving their bodies the strength be immune to bites, turning when they die of natural causes, etc. This means Li'l Asskicker, Judith, is one of the lucky kids who get to start over!

Or maybe season 10
Or maybe season 10

Of course, they would have to deal with the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Cleanup, watching out for stragglers, dealing with the riots after Daryl died, etc. Plus, how many children would there actually be?

There couldn't be THAT many...who in their right mind would bring a child into the world during th...oh wait

Sweet dreams!
Sweet dreams!

Bonus! Lori Zombie deleted scene!

Talk about lonely!

One other thing I think would be interesting would be something that Will Smith and Milla Jovovich can agree is a pain in the butt.


Animal zombies!

awwww...the feels!
awwww...the feels!

So far, the animals of the world have been immune to the virus, but how awesome would that be? Rick and Jessie Grimes get Judith a pet goldfish a few years down the road, only to have it go belly up. Rick reaches in to pick it up and flush it down the toilet (if there is one), only to have it bite him on the hand. Enter: one-handed Rick!

Which, coincidentally, leads into my next TWD post!

How do you think TWD is going to end? Put it in the comments!


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