ByRafi Scott Ortiz, writer at
Rafi Scott Ortiz

(Spoilers Alert)

I saw Ant-Man. Great movie. But my concern was: can Marvel deliver a good villain? I mean a badass villain?

Yellowjacket was truly evil. He turns a man into "ketchup". Now, that is evil, just because the man refused to accept his offer. That is the king of villain that I want to see in a comic book movie: dark ones, crazy ones.

He tries to kill his former mentor and hates him for not recognizing Yellowjacket's talent and potential. He hates Pym. He shoots Pym.

He tries to sell a deadly weapon to Hydra!!!! That is like selling nuclear weapons to Isis. I dont know about you, but this dude is pretty evil.

He kills an innocent beautiful lamb!!!! That's animal cruelty! He kills Anthony! That is like if somebody comes to your house and kills your pet! How would you feel?

Finally, but not least, nothing compares with his last action, in this one, we truly see that he is an evil bastard satanic diabolical infernal brute monster. He goes to Scott's house and tries to kill his little cute girl!!!! Now this is the epitome of evil! To kill children, innocent children! (That is what Isis is doing: killing little children!). You have to be related to Lucifer to do something like that. You may say but Yellowjacket did not kill her, but that was his intention! Just the intention counts as if he has done it!

YellowJacket deserves to rot in the Microverse hell forever!


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