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... meter cube of katchin which was the "densest material" in dbz universe.neutron star material is the densest metal in our teaspoon neutron star material is 100 million tons there are 811,536 teaspoons in 4 cubic meters 811,536x100 million=81,153,600,000,000 tons. goku lifts and tosses the cube like its nothing so we can assume that his max lift is around. triple this weight. this means base goku was lifting a total of 243 trillion tons 243 trillion x 50 x 2 x 4 x 500 x 50 =2.434 sextillion tons in ssjgssj but this don't count all the zenkais zenkai has around 5x increase so he should get 4 zenkais between buu saga and fnf so 5x4=20 20 x 2.434 sextillion tons =48.692 sextiliion tons in ssjgssj! superman new 52 , he was able to move earth for 5 days straight so he can lift 5.972 sextillion tons. so we have the results in strenght, goku>>>superman goku clearly wins, i dont care in the slightest what anyone says its obvious goku would win, the strength in this equasion only starts the reasons why im right, death battle thinks other wise but i dont care, goku can overcome any odd 12 new fucking forms later death battle will still side with superman and thats why i dont give one flying shit and a half...

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