ByCasey Cadle, writer at

To be blunt, this movie was grueling for the first hour. I didn't think much going into it, with a Paul Rudd lead and what seemed to be an Iron Man 1 plot line. I knew this movie was going to be a pure comedy. The only problem was that there was nothing funny about it.

I would like to assume that this script was rushed. It's frightening to think that someone didn't see the terrible character development and build up to almost every event in the movie. Every line of dialogue is rushed. This is most relevant in the roll of Daren Cross, played by Corey Stoll. Corey's lines were so flavorless and to the point that he may have well just laughed maniacally in place of all of them.

The other issue was how they forgot about the MCU for an hour. The movie starts with bare minimum MCU grounding with some name drops. Then they forget about all of it for an hour. They pass up ample opportunities to tie the story in. The most offensive one is when Daren Cross (Corey Stoll) introduces the suit to his board. There is one objection outside of the main characters. He basically says “This is dangerous” and Corey Replies “Let’s Talk Moohoohahahahahahaha.”

This movie was insulting to anyone who likes the marvel movies and likes Ant-man. This was a straight forward cookie cutter script without even an attempt at a twist. The after credit scene wasn’t a hint at anything you didn’t see coming. So if you want to see a Comedy targeted for 10 year olds and foreshadowing so obvious its like the over dramatized emphasis of a character in a slasher when they reveal a motive, then by all means go see this movie. My advice would be to save your 10 bucks and read the plotline to catch up for Avengers 3 and maybe the box office dip will tell disney to give a shit.


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