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Nicholas Hassan

Why do people mess with Liam Neeson's family?

Seriously, was Taken enough proof that anyone killing/kidnapping/touching Liam Neeson's family will be found and killed?

Apparently not.

Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) is an ex-hitman who seems to have a normal life. He's a generally enjoyable guy who's nice to kids, smokes a bit, and seems to be a walking badass. That is, until one night, his son, Michael Conlon (Joel Kinnaman), is hunted by Jimmy's friend's son Daniel, who Jimmy kills before Danny can pull the trigger on Michael. This angers Jimmy's friend, Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris), who hires hitmen to take him and his son down, all in one night.

The acting from most of the cast is superb, especially Kinnaman and Neeson. They give off quite a chemistry together that when these two are on screen kicking a**, you'll do more than root for them. It's also a delight that we see Neeson as a character that's sort of...broken. He's a bit down on his luck, had many things go wrong for him, you can't help but relate.

The action sequences, combined with a thrilling Junkie XL score, satisfies immensely. The way the cinematographer keeps shaky cam to a minimum, while also utilizing creative styles of camerawork (mad props to the way the camera films a shotgun being twirled to Neeson's hand.) that's both interesting and energizing.

Catalan director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Orphan, Non-Stop) seems to be on a roll with making fun and action-packed Liam Neeson action movies, and if Non-Stop's unbelievably stupid final act didn't do it for you, Run All Night will do more than excite, even if its story structure seems convoluted and almost workman-like.


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