ByGregory Payne Osler, writer at
Gregory Payne Osler
... a raw beating. Doomsday has adapted to anything and everything that Supes threw at him but he did not get more resistant to the Man of Steel fists. You can't use A, B, C logic especially in comic fights, just because character B loses to character A doesn't mean character C can also beat him. Furthermore, that fight was voted on based on popularity by fans and it wasn't classic Savage Hulk. It was "The Professor" which doesn't get stronger the madder he gets and has Banner's consciousness. That being said, again Doomsday DOES NOT adapt to raw beatings and unfortunately for him, the Hulk can dish out a raw beating in aces. He will be dealing with an opponent who beats out Superman in the strength department. What's more Doomsday doesn't have a work around either, he cannot siphon the gamma radiation from the Hulk and revert him back to Banner. His only option is going to be to out brawl the Hulk... You don't out brawl the Hulk. You do not dominate the Hulk in a pure fight. Ask everyone else, who has tried that including Thor and Sentry. Doomsday may get the upper hand for a bit but once he's pissed the Hulk off, Hulk is going to beat that @$$

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