ByW.R Andreassen, writer at

Sense8 has "THE" most intensive drama and acting than any other shows i've seen. It has love, hatred, sci-fi, humour, action and a very depressive and tragic storyline. In a good way of course... 8 ordinary people starts to having a linking bond with eachother. Every one of them are from a different places and live scattered around the globe. Some in Europe, others in the US and some in the East side of the world.

Trough this experience they start to feel eachother more and more and you really start to have a bond with the characters. All of the have different lives but they all share a same thing. A dark and a light side...

More importantly is that when it comes to live "in" the roles you love. You feel their love and pain. I know i sound like a poetic but in one moment i'm crying and the next i'm angry or laughing my socks off or really turned on. Now i'm not gonna talk about the sex scenes which are ...Spoilers hot as hell and porno like. Honestly each episode include either a butt or a cock or boobs. But That's the good thing cause it shows that actors are not afraid of getting dirty which i like a LOT!

But it's not about the sex. It's about the storyline. It has so much beauty. And people has been saying that it has to much talking but to understand the story you really need to be paicent in order to connect with the sense8s. I'm not gonna spoil the plot but let's say that in the season finale i felt something new really strong. That is why the show MUST continue. It has so much to offer to the imagination of the people. And i'm NOT ready to say good bye yet!


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