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A few months ago, we had our first look at the upcoming action-comedy film American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. But now, we have a brand new look at the movie and it looks pretty freakin' sweet!

This new trailer brings us a a pretty fun look at what the context of the movie is and incredibly skilled action sequences.

Now that you saw it in action, take a look at the official plot:

"A stoner — who is in fact a mind-altered "sleeper" government operative — is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination. But he's too well-trained and too high for them to handle." -

The idea of the 'sleeper agent' is a concept that is often overlooked in recent action movies. I'm excited to see it brought back in such a unique and fresh way with a fun twist of humor. For those who don't know, a sleeper agent is a person who is trained like a secret agent (with wicked-awesome ninja moves and the like) but has no idea that they have these highly developed skills waiting patiently in their mind to turn on. It often takes a code of some sort to 'kick' them into action, so to speak.

Since the trailer is such a great time, let's take a look at the top 10 moments!

1. The Sleeper Agent Intro

The trailer opens like your typical informational video would, but this is about government technology. This fresh take both gets our attention and explains the context of the movie, easily allowing us to understand what's going on in the trailer. But, that isn't even why I loved it so much!

I loved this part of the trailer because of its abrupt transition from intense information about new 'super soldiers' into the dull life of the main character, Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg). It gets our attention quickly with the sudden change and gives us the background information we need. If that's not a smart intro, then, I don't know what is.

2. "Is that a lyric from something?"

My favorite comedically toned part of the trailer was the 'code' that was given to Mike in a very serious and mysterious manner. It was completely psychedelic. After seeing the intro, we all knew what the code is: The trigger to awake the sleeper agent inside of Mike. But instead, the trailer once again gave us a quick transition back to Mike's ordinary life when he says, "Is that a lyric from something?" I cracked up at that line. That line alone makes me need to see the film on a Friday night.

3. The Spoon

Okay. This guy just killed two armed men. With a spoon. With a friggin' spoon, guys! This is some serious Shakespeare action going on here, and I am just eating it up.

4. UV Lighting

Shots throughout the trailer clip around a fight scene going on in a UV-lit room that makes everything light up in a glowing, neon-looking manner. It's just the kind of stuff you'd want to see in an action movie starring a stoner. The perfect environment.

We didn't get too many clear peaks at the scene, but there was enough to get an idea of what's going on. Basically, this is where Mike first starts to learn how to wield his power. He's getting control of himself when he flips around and does all of this crazy ninja stuff on his attackers... while totally stoned. It looks like an action sequence worth seeing, that's for sure!

5. Total Cluelessness

The trailer gives us a couple of tender moments with Mike showing his more 'human' side. Remember, learning that you're a sleeper agent for some sect of the government is not an everyday occurrence. I'd imagine that this would be an enormous surprise, a life-altering one indeed.

In the scene above, Mike says, "I think I could probably break this lock." Why is this line important? Because you can tell that he is uncertain about the bounds of his inner skills. It'd be unrealistic for an average guy like Mike to embrace his inner super agent right away, wouldn't it? He has to learn the measures of his power and how to use them. And he's going to do that in a hilarious way, just like in the trailer.

6. Crash, Crash, Bang, Bang

I'm not sure what kind of car this is, or what building it is supposed to be, or even why it is at all happening but what I do know is: I love seeing these jam-packed actions scenes being pulled off flawlessly and I want more of it!

7. The Old Frying Pan Trick

This, without a double, was the best part of the trailer. It's the most unbelievable action shot I have seen in my life, but Mike's reaction to what he had just pulled off with common kitchen wear somehow makes it seem slightly plausible. The fun in this trailer matched with the beautifully choreographed scenes makes this a must-see.

8. Explosions!

Explosions! All of the explosions!

Enough said.

9. Plane Crash

For a brief moment we see a plane start to tip. It grabs your attention and makes you want to see what happens. Could it be a plane crash? Is our high sleeper agent also a master of aviation? I can't wait to find out.

10. K. Stew's Electric Performance

I know that everyone has their own opinion on Kristen Stewart, and I'm somewhere between 'can't stand her' and 'don't really care' myself. But she looks like she can truly pull off this sort of comedy with her subtly hilarious dead-pan delivery. I do admit, though... I'm looking forward to seeing her tazed on the big screen. We can call it even for what she did to Snow White.

American Ultra hits theaters August 21, 2015.


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