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In a world of bad movies, bad comic books, and bad directors, which internet reviewer will rise to the challenge and tear them to shreds? Wh

Are all of Pixar's movies taking place in the same world? Let's find out!

NOTE: This deconstruction is based off of the following video:

I have been informed that this video does not contain every detail about the Pixar Theory (details I was unaware of at the time), so there is no point in continuing to further inform me about those details. Furthermore, some of you may be tempted to accuse me of being a 'buzzkill' or 'ruining the fun' of the theory. I'm sorry, but a theory that states that everything created by human hands wants to kill you and that a sweet little girl who only wanted her 'Kitty' is responsible for the downfall of the human race? THAT is more of a buzzkill than anything I could ever do!


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