ByTirso Lopez, writer at

I believe that grant would make a better flash if he were on the big screen there would be much more things implemented to the show more crossover more excitement. Grant has something about him that would outclass any other person trying to play the flash I believe that us, all of us who believe that grant should play The Flash on the new movie should make a petition for him to be the flash because with him being on the big screen means it brings more to our TV's and well who wouldnt like seeing their scarlet speedster you see every tuesday in a movie Grant has showed us time and time again that being the flash isnt just an acting job but a lifestyle and he fits in it perfectly for anyone else who thinks Grant should be the flash i think we should get it to the writers of the new movie so if your with me on this one i am a longtime fan of the flash and seeing Grant Gustin's performances every tuesday makes me believe in the impossible as well hopefully even if this might be impossible i hope that Grant can step up and fight for that spot so if you think the same as me the GO GRANT!!!!


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