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With all the live-action Disney movies lately, I wanted to do a live-action fan cast for one of my favorite Disney shows: the Toy Story spinoff, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command! The kickoff movie for it was kind of lackluster, but the TV show was amazingly on point. I loved the whole series, and I think it would be great to bring it back, but only if in live-action. And so, without further ado, allow me to introduce the cast of this live-action TV series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!

Buzz Lightyear: Patrick Warburton

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I know some might call it cheating to reuse the actor who voiced Buzz in the show, but when it comes to Buzz, nobody does it like Patrick Warburton. I think if he slimmed down a little, he could pull off Buzz Lightyear in live-action as well as animation.

Princess Mira Nova: Emma Stone

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Mira Nova image source:

Buzz's second-in-command, Princess Mira Nova, like Emma Stone, is not one to be bossed around. And when either of these girls get angry, they're deadly weapons. Also, if Emma wore blue contacts, a little CGI could turn her into an almost perfect facsimile, a "Mira image" if you will... *rimshot* ...Some of you may get that later.

Booster Sinclair Munchapper: Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has shown himself to be a big, adorable, and lovable softie, just like Booster. Maybe with having Andy Serkis do some mo-cap work, I think that Seth Rogen would make an excellent Booster.

XR: Neil Flynn

Yes, I realize that Neil Flynn already voiced XR in the TV show, but how hard can it be to do more voiceovers? I mean the guy's a robot, so it's not like there's any mo-cap involved like there would be with Booster. Besides, Neil Flynn totally crushes it as the snarky robotic Space Ranger.

Commander Zeb Nebula: Liam Neeson

I don't feel like I should have to explain this one, but I will anyway. Commander Nebula is known for being gruff, short-tempered, and having a gravelly voice, all of which are things Liam Neeson does quite well. As such, I feel this is perfect casting.

Evil Emperor Zurg: Clancy Brown

I love Clancy Brown no matter what he's playing, whether it's General Eiling, Mr. Krabs, or perhaps his best-known role, Lex Luthor. The guy's got serious acting chops and I can think of no better person to play the role of a character who travels the fine line between genius and idiocy.

Warp Darkmatter: Arnold Schwarzenegger

This, I felt, was inspired casting. Diedrich Bader's great, sure, but Arnold could take Warp Darkmatter from the snarky, one-liner-loving assassin we know today to something much more sinister. I think Arnold could make Warp seem a whole lot more dangerous than Diedrich's one-liners give him credit for.

Should there be a live-action Buzz Lightyear show? If there was, would you watch it? Let me know in the comments!


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